When God brings down the house

God has a way of building things up and tearing other things down. In our lives with the Lord we can expect Him to build fortresses of protection around us and tearing down walls of suffering. He can build confidence and tear down low self-esteem. He can build hope and tear down despair. He can build up a new life and destroy our old ways. Now, we have tendencies to build things in our lives that can either help us or that can slow us down. I can think of many things I have built over the years that had to come down once I became connected to God. I built houses that were not meant to provide accommodations for the fruit of the Spirit, but they instead lodged the fruit of negativity.

It’s easy to build a house of lies and doubt in our minds but it’s hard to tear that house down on our own. Even after accepting the Lord, we have to do something about those negatives houses we have created in our minds. When we cooperate with the Holy Spirit, when we work hand in hand with Him, the Lord can bring the house down and dissolve the foundations of negativity in our lives. Today I want to encourage you to collaborate with the Holy Spirit so that God can tear down any houses that have kept you captive instead of giving you a comfortable and safe environment. Let God bring the house down and let Him build a new house where you will prosper, thrive and grow in His knowledge and wisdom.

I like the metaphor of a house a lot because it is a very familiar concept. A house represents a home and a home is a place of nurturing, development and coziness. Not everyone gets to enjoy that definition of a home, but most people understand the idea. A dysfunctional home can have a very negative impact on its residents. Metaphorically speaking a dysfunctional home we build in our minds can be devastating to our mental, emotional and spiritual health. When the house is built on such destructive foundations, there is a need to move out. Moving out of a stronghold can be challenging. It takes work and dedication. The work starts with recognizing that we are in the wrong house and the dedication is when we devote ourselves to the Lord and to His ways. I used to live in a (mental) house where hope was neglected and fear was a permanent fixture on the walls. I knew Jesus but I didn’t “know” Jesus. I was a churchgoer but I wasn’t part of the Church. I had some encounters with love but I didn’t accept His love. Then all changed. I surrendered all of me and I gave God the house I was living in.

God didn’t move me out of that house
. He brought it down. He tore it down little by little. The closer I got to Him, the more holes He made in the house. Reading the Word on a regular basis allowed me to tear down the walls inside the house of misery. I started seeing life through a new lens. God took care of the house as I developed my relationship with Him. He helped me let go of the negative thoughts. I gave in to Him and He took control. It is fascinating what the Lord can do and how He can change your life completely. God can bring the negative house down for you as well, friend. You don’t have to live in captivity anymore. Let the Lord get inside the house that is making you so miserable. He will do the impossible. When God brings the house down, nothing can get in His way. As you remain faithful He will remain truthful. Let go of your old habitation and let God make His house your new abiding place!

Suggested reading: Psalm 127:1; Proverbs 24:27; Hebrews 3:4

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