Let God label your life

People will always have opinions about you. People will always try to tell you what to do, what to think and what to say. Sometimes it is helpful and sometimes it is uncalled for. “Believe this, don’t believe that” they say. Don’t let the world get in the way of your faith. Don’t let people tell you what to believe if it doesn’t agree with the Holy Spirit. People are not the enemies but the enemy uses people to express himself way too often and probably in more ways than we think. I am not saying that we should avoid the world and shut everyone out but we should have discernment when someone tells us what we should be doing with our lives. Don’t let people put labels on your circumstances and shelve them in the wrong places. Some labels have been put in place by the Lord. His main labels say, “This is not impossible” or “Love your neighbors”. I want to encourage you today to read God’s labels in your life over the labels of the world. The world will put labels on everything for you but just because a label is popular doesn’t mean that it is true for your life. If the world has labeled you in a negative way, take that judgmental sticker and replace it with God’s tag. Find His tags in His Word. You are who God says you are. You have what God says you have. Speak God’s words over your circumstances. Let God label your life!


I talked to all my students about judging a book by its cover the other day when we had lessons about life and how to show more compassion in this world. We all label people according to what their cover presents. We have norms and world standards. Some of them are imposed on us by what’s popular. We can even be made to believe that if we don’t fall under a certain category or if we don’t fit into a popular mold, we are not all that great. Feeling like we are mediocre just because the world doesn’t include us in its standards is a terrible feeling but it’s not a feeling we should associate with and trust. No one should ever feel inferior or not worth it. It grieves the Spirit of the Lord to see how people can live lives thinking that they are “less than.” With God you are not less than, friend, but you are “more than.”  You are more than you think. He sees your full potential. He sees you in all your glory completely out of your misery. God has a label for you that says, “you are precious, you are loved, you are valuable and you are His.” No one has the right to degrade you or diminish you. Don’t buy into the lies. God’s label is what counts.


When I was facing a difficult situation and I used to share it with some friends and I would get mixed reactions. Some of them would say they would pray for me, some would keep me encouraged and others would just describe the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario friends made me want to quit and give up. I have learned not to share my problems with many people so that the negative labels don’t start being written all over my trials. I have learned to take off the world’s labels. What the world labels as helpless or impossible doesn’t affect me as much. I reject those labels. It doesn’t mean that I am in denial. It just means that I would rather agree with the Lord than side with the world. Friend, God has many positive labels for your life. For every situation, there is the world label and God’s label. When the situation is so bad that you can barely see God’s label for it, pray to get a revelation and pray that the eyes of your spirit be open to the Lord’s tags. He will never tell you anything negative. He will always encourage you, show you the good in everything and give you the right mindset. Let God label your life each and every day!

Suggested reading: John 1:12; Ephesians 1:5; Romans 15:7

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