Enjoy the red lights

Every morning when I drive to work, I need to make a left on one of the main roads called route 7. There is a lot of traffic if I leave my house after 7 am and making that left turn can take a while because the light changes very fast. It only lets a few cars go and then it turns red. It can be frustrating when you are in a hurry because you spend quite a bit of time at the light. It really is only a few minutes but in the morning a few minutes can feel like an eternity. Yesterday as I was getting closer to route 7, there were two cars in front of me so I was pretty confident that I would be able to make the turn but the light turned res faster than I could say Amen. Now, when I looked at route 7, I saw that the traffic was slow and there was a bottle neck right where I make the turn. It was a mess. This made me think of how we often want to make a turn and go fast in life but God gives us a red light.

God stops us in our tracks and He tells us to wait. We can be so close to making a turn and yet so far because He changes the light right before we are about to proceed. He sometimes gives us a yellow light and wants us to proceed with caution but oftentimes He just makes the light turn red. He is not playing with our emotions. He knows that making a left turn too fast could cause us to get stuck in a mess that is far from being pretty. How many times has the Lord given you a red light and protected you from an accident or a miserable situation? It happens more than you know and it is always done because He cares about you and He knows what’s best. Today I am inviting you to consider God’s red lights as protection lights. They are not there to stall you. They are meant to help you.

If there were no traffic lights and no road rules we think that we could get to places faster or we think that it would be a total mess. There are things put in place to keep order in society and to protect citizens. God has put many things in place in our lives to keep order and to protect us as well. As we abide by Him and follow His directions we can remain in His protective arms and go through life events with a safety belt on, a line of conduct and confidence in our hearts. It’s when we step out, when we take the wheel and when we create our own laws and rules that we get into trouble. Spending time outside of God’s will is like driving through the road of life without a helmet at a very high speed. We don’t notice how bad it is for us until we see the repercussions of our actions. There is always a good reason why God wants us to wait. There is always a purpose to what seems like foolishness until we get the big picture. Making a left turn too soon can land us in a mess very fast. Let God direct the traffic of your life. Trust Him. Your time waiting at a red light is saving you from something. You don’t need to know what it is. Just know that God is working on your behalf while you are patiently waiting. Enjoy the red lights!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 27:13-14; Lamentations 3:25

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