Being a student of life

I try to encourage my students every week in different ways. One of the ways that has worked well for over ten years is picking one student of the week in each class. They can become the student of the week by being engaged, showing effort, participating or by being an overall good “citizen” in my class. I have been able to have every single student become the student of the week at least once every year. I can always find something that highlights their effort even if it’s minimal. A small recognition goes a long way and I have seen students “become alive” once they have been acknowledged for standing out. My goal is to show them that I believe in each and every one of them and no matter what others say, I say that they are exceptional and I want them to see it for themselves. I got this idea from the Lord because He believes in each and everyone of us. He sees the effort that we put into doing life with Him. He can see our hearts and He will always focus on the best in us while the enemy just wants to bring out the worst in us. God operates from a love standpoint and the enemy tries to make the (false) point that we are not lovable.

Today I want you to see yourself from God’s standpoint and learn that He sees your potential, He loves you no matter what and He doesn’t zero in on your shortcomings but He desires for you to go past your imperfections. God’s command for you, friend, is “Believe in yourself because I believe in you.” Life can be approached as a giant lesson and you and I are students of life. The Holy Spirit is the teacher who believes we are students of the week every week but we too often put ourselves in a corner of the room motivated by shame, fear and discouragement. You are not whom the enemy says you are. You are the great student of life that the Lord designed you to be. You can’t expect to ace all the tests and quizzes but with God on your side you can expect to learn and grow and do better the next time. Make sure to go to the Holy Spirit’s extra help sessions on a daily basis. Take the time to be with Him in a focused manner. Ask Him questions but above all, listen to His wisdom and direction.

They say that teachers always have an apple with them. The Holy Spirit has fruit we should carry with us all the time. If we ask for His fruit and desire it earnestly, He will generously give it to us. We ought to show how motivated and how interested we are as students of life. The Lord’s fruit can give us the energy to stay in the game and to stay alert every day. As we take His fruit seriously, we will become active participants in His classes. We will be engaged, we will learn and we will demonstrate what we have learned in class and out in the world as well. God’s daily lessons are not meant to be shelved in the passive spectators’ stands but they should be applied daily on the stage of life. Believe that you can shine in the classroom of life. Believe that you are that student of the week who always deserves to be celebrated. Believe in yourself. Your teacher always believes in you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:5; John 8:12; John 11:25-26

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