How to make your spiritual backup stronger

Sunday morning when I was in deep prayer I had a pretty interesting vision. I saw myself going down into a basement. The basement looked more like a cave. It was dark and there were spider webs all over the place. I could tell this basement was rarely visited but it seemed to have an occasional visitor who went there to get something. I quickly realized that I was that occasional visitor and Holy Spirit was showing me something important that would not only help me but help anyone who paid attention to this message. The Lord was showing me that I tend to visit places from the past to find the things I need today. His message was to not resort to my old ways to deal with the present time. I need to let go of some of the old habits that can only hinder me today and not help me. God has something new for all of us and when He creates us anew, when we are born of His Spirit, we have to let go of old patterns and old methods. I have been saved for a very long but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t dig into the past to find ways to deal with my present situations. If you are dealing with the same scenario today, if you find yourself visiting the cave of your past too often, look at what you are doing and decide to cut the cord. Cut all the cords that are connecting you to the old you, the old thinking patterns and the old survival strategies. You don’t have to fend for yourself anymore. God is by your side, guiding you through His Spirit and giving you the energy, the wisdom and the peace you need to be successful in all you do today.


The basement of a house is an important place because when you think of it, it is what is underneath the foundation of the house. It is sort of the backup to the foundation. If the house collapses it will fall into the basement. In times of severe weather conditions people hide in the basement. The basement is a hiding place and it is where we put objects and things that we don’t need all the time. The laundry is often located in the basement. It is the place where we go to clean things to get a fresh start so to speak. Your metaphorical basement is where you get cleansed and refreshed. Make sure that your basement is well-taken care of. In the vision it was clear that I needed to organize my basement and add some lights down there. When I need help spiritually or emotionally I go to my basement. I find some well-organized sections and some sections that leave much to be desired. I am going to work on putting things in order and keeping the backup to my spiritual foundation nice and neat. My basement is the spiritual place that contains some key things that I should be using more often. In order for me to access them easily I am going to ensure that everything can be identified without a problem and like I said earlier I will have lots of lights there. I will get rid of some of the broken furniture. How do you get to have a neat basement? How can you make sure that the backup to your spiritual foundation is not only organized but also strong in times of bad weather?


The best way I know how to keep “my basement” in good operational conditions is by creating a spiritual place where Holy Spirit can express Himself and teach me. That space exists when I am in prayer and when I seek the Lord’s face. His Word is my foundation but for me to access the Word I ought to spend time in contemplation of whom He is and in adoration. When you worship the Lord, He shows up so quickly that you don’t have time to say Amen. He is already there. My basement is getting organized through my prayer time. There is no other secret and there is no other way. Prayer time helps you develop spiritual stamina. It connects you to the Spirit and it gives Him permission to take over and to lead you. See prayer time as the Holy Spirit playground. It is where He thrives and wraps you in His arms. It is His territory. Visit His territory often. Keep connecting with Him. The more you do it, the more organized your basement will be because it will be impacted by the Holy One. The light of the Word will penetrate your basement even more because the Holy Spirit will give you more understanding of His Word. Reading the Bible will be a truly enlightening experience that you will enjoy all the time. Through communion with the Holy Spirit you will get a fresh new anointing, a fresh perspective and brand-new ideas. We all have a basement or a cave that needs to be tidied up. Take the first step today toward cleaning the backup to your foundation. Pray more. Worship more. Seek more. God is about to take you on a spiritual journey that you never knew existed. Start with the basement!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-24; Isaiah 43:18-19; 2 Corinthians 5:17


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