Two very effective prayers

If you have read my messages you know that prayer is one of my favorite things to do. I follow a certain formula for lack of a better word when I pray. It is the way the Holy Spirit has inspired me to pray many years ago and I have kept that formula going. It flows very well and it feels very natural. It is a progression that goes on for a while. However, it is not systematic and I pray differently as well. Prayer is a dialogue with the Lord and I can’t put that dialogue in a box. It can’t be the same words and the same pattern all the time. I see prayer also as a time for me to listen to the Lord and when I do, I understand that the Holy Spirit always has a lot to say. He is never quiet. He is never silent but if my spiritual disposition is out of whack, it is harder for me to hear Him. I strongly encourage you to develop a passion for prayer because faith without prayer is like love without communication and we know that lack of communication can destroy relationships. We should desire to have a strong and healthy relationship with God and spending time in prayer allows for such relationship. The truth about prayer is that any prayer from the heart is a good prayer. Incorporating what Jesus teaches about prayer is excellent for sure. A heartfelt prayer combined with Jesus’ prayer instructions makes for a successful prayer life. Focusing on two aspects of what Jesus says about prayer, I have found that there are two prayers that always deliver a great spiritual punch and that knock the enemy out of the way every time. Let me share what those two prayers are all about.


The prayer of praise is a prayer where praise is the main focus and where Jesus is exalted. Some people would just call it praise but I like to see it as a prayer because it is a dialogue. When I say a prayer of praise, I tell the Lord how much I love Him and how big He is. I say that He is worthy to be exalted over everything and everyone. I magnify Him and in return He minimizes my worries and my problems. That’s how our dialogue works. I lift up His name and He lowers my anxiety. That’s how He responds right away. I celebrate His name and He cancels my fears. I bow down in front of Him and He puts hope, joy and peace above all the misery and pain. I tell Him He is amazing and He tells me I am His wonderful child. A prayer of praise is a beautiful exchange with the Lord who gives us His beauty for ashes when we extol Him and adore Him. He always intervene when we praise Him and His intervention starts with a dose of His presence that makes all negativity fade away. Say prayers of praise as much as you can and you will hear from the Lord in ways you have never dreamed of before.


The prayer of faith is the prayer that declares what we don’t see yet. It speaks truths that go beyond our present-day realities. It is bold and it is strong. It repeats what the Lord says with confidence. It has no room for doubt and no room for hesitation. It speaks and things come to life. It is a prayer that takes hope to another level. It is the kind of prayer that commands the mountains of problems to move and they get out of the way. It is the prayer that shows our understanding of our standing with God. It is a prayer that demonstrates that we belong to God and with Him nothing is impossible. The prayer of faith doesn’t care about our circumstances. It only focuses on God’s promises and it doesn’t waver. It stays true to God’s Word and it doesn’t accept defeat. The prayer of faith is also a prayer of thanks because it is sure of the outcome and it thanks God in advance. When I ask God for something, I often turn my request into a prayer of faith. I challenge myself and see how far I can go and how much I can believe. Say a prayer of faith today. Challenge your worries and your fears with words of blessed assurance. God listens to prayers and He loves it when we stay in faith. Pray away. Don’t get weary. Keep going. Amazing breakthroughs are on the way!

Suggested reading: Mark 11:24; 1 John 5:14; Ephesians 6:18

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