God will make a path for you

If you are walking down a narrow path today and you feel like you are barely going to make it, I am here to tell you that God is going to make a way for you. He is going to broaden your path and make room for you to walk freely through the next stage of your life. God loves to create out of nothing. You might think that there is nothing good in store for you and that life has left you out of the club of the blessed people but that’s not true. The door to your blessings is about to open. God is going to change your situation around and give you access to His promises.

How can God make your path broader? As you broaden your vision of God, your path will get wider. It is a question of faith and faith comes from hearing. It is primordial that you hear the right things and that your heed the voice of the Lord so that your faith can grow. We can’t help what we hear most of the time but we can decide what we are going to do with what we hear. They say we should take the good with the bad and I say we should take the good and not dwell on the bad. The bad depicts a negative picture of the Lord while the good sees Him in all His glory. See God for who He is and you will believe that your path is going to be bigger and you won’t have to squeeze into it to make it.

The other day I read “You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give way”, which is verse 36 in Psalm 18. It resonated well with the message I had been getting that God can make a way for us and He can turn the narrow streets of our lives into broad paths with plenty to enjoy. It is the idea of getting out of the small mindset and adopting a “more than enough” mindset. God will only be as big as we see Him. If we have been taught that God is barely enough or that He doesn’t provide for us, then that is where our faith is going to be. It takes a long time to unlearn some of things we have been believing so we might as well start as soon as possible. Like I said earlier, the best way to build faith is by listening and hearing the truth about God. The Bible is the best starting point.

I strongly suggest doing a prayerful study of the Word of God for yourself. Find a quiet place with no distraction. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and start reading. He will whisper explanations that are so real that they will feel natural to you. Some will feel like you have always known them and others will feel brand new. Get your faith stirred up by spending time in the Word. The Bible won’t do you any good if it is sitting on your night table. It was never meant to be a decorative item but it was always meant to be a life-changing constituent.

If you are not sure where to start, why not start with Psalm 18:36? Start with the promise that God will broaden your path. Meditate on that verse. Ask Him to make it real to you. Ask for concrete examples and see what the Holy Spirit shows you. God has a path that is way broader than you can imagine. Think about those 5-lane highways you can find in parts of the US. They are a great visual. I drove on one of them once in Atlanta and it was so big that I was a bit overwhelmed. God will overwhelm you in a great way. Know that the Lord has all those lanes ready for you. He has made room for you to move around in life in total freedom. Get out of the narrow mindset and get into the Lord’s broad mindset. Feed your faith by hearing the Word and enjoy getting out of the tight places where you were stuck. God is making a way for you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 4:12; 2 Samuel 22:37; Ephesians 3:20

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