10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 36)

God knew you before you even “happened.” God knew about your problem before it happened. God knew the solution before the problem happened. God knows how to bless you even when you don’t know how it will happen.

Complacency is a spiritual killer. It makes us comfortable where we are and it takes our desire to grow away. Complacency takes inches off from our spiritual height. Let’s not settle. We need to be spiritual nomads always on the move for the Lord!

The Lord is always a billion steps ahead of you. Walk with no fear. He is leading the way and He will make a way!

God is not a deserter. He won’t leave you in the battle. He won’t let you go through the wilderness alone. He sticks with His soldiers and He gives them all the equipment they need.

Why is it that the biggest commandment, the one about love, is often the least honored in the Church? Be a commander for the Lord and order love to be the only thing you spread around you. Forget hate, gossip and disdain. Stick to the one commandment that erases segregation and pain!

Just because we have a relationship with God doesn’t mean that God loves us more than others. He loves all non-believers and believers the same way. There is no one you will ever meet that God doesn’t love and no one can ever tell you that God loves him or her more than He loves you!

Know the signs of your emotional suffering. Know the signs of your spiritual suffering. Don’t let them grow. Take care of them. Ask God to direct you where the best help is. He will get the healing started and your suffering will turn in singing!

Position yourself to get some “God overload” and you will be in the right position to experience love overload.

God wants us to realize that with our relationship with Him comes ownership. We belong to Him. We don’t belong to fear, to misery, to failure and to negativity. We are His as heirs of eternity whose salvation has already begun here on earth.

The Lord has a light brighter than the sun. If you are experiencing dark spots and shade while connecting with God there is a disconnect somewhere. There is no darkness in the Lord. Ask for the light to shine everywhere in your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Matthew 4:16; John 8:12

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