How to visit God when we pray

I always start the day with meditative prayer. I meditate on a scripture or on the Lord seeking His face and then I go right into prayer with praise and worship, thanksgiving, repentance and prayer requests. I listen first and then I talk. The talking part is often a dialogue. I just want to let the Holy Spirit monopolize the conversation. I find it to be much more effective than if I keep the floor the whole time. Prayer for me is one of the best parts of the day so I kick off the day spoiling myself by indulging in what I love. Prayer is a selfless act when you think about it because it makes you take a backseat and it lets God be in the front. It should be all about Him and others first. It’s an expression of love and not primarily an expression of need per say. I pray to show love. I don’t pray to have my needs met. It is not the goal but it is part of my prayer time. I just don’t make it my focus. It took me a while to get to that place but once I got there, it revolutionized my prayer life. I want to encourage you today to keep your prayers as an expression of love for the Father and love for others before anything else.

When you think about it, the Holy Spirit is the One who leads us to pray. We may not be aware of it and it doesn’t happen in a huge spectacular way on the surface but deep inside in your spiritual core, the Holy Spirit inspires you to pray. If you make an effort to remember that, it will make Him even more real to you. Every time you decide to pray it’s because the Spirit of the Lord is tugging at your heart. How amazing is that?! That is what the Spirit of God does in you among other things. Since the Spirit of Jesus prompts you to pray, it is only normal that our prayers should be centered around the One the Spirit magnifies. The Holy Spirit always magnifies and promotes Jesus. We might not completely follow His lead but that’s where He wants to take us. It’s like when someone suggests you should visit a certain country. You can choose to go to that country but it doesn’t mean you will visit the main attraction necessarily. Go visit the Lord in prayer and spend time with Jesus, His main attraction!

Visiting Jesus in prayer implies adoration, praise, marveling before His majesty and thanksgiving. When we go and see the King of kings who died for us, we ought to always have a thankful and adoring attitude. He died for us on the Cross. There is no bigger sacrifice and there is no bigger demonstration of love. We need to show Him how much we appreciate what He did and how much we love Him before we rush into prayer request mode. Our worlds could be crumbling and our lives could be hanging by a thread but we should still start prayer with praise. It will allow us to see the Lord better and to see Him for who He is. Going to God with blinders of pain and heaviness will minimize God in our spiritual eyes. See God with your eyes of love and it will open your eyes of faith. Faith without love is a no-no!

God is love and until we vibrate with love, our prayers will be lacking the substance of God. I want to pray with God’s DNA being exemplified in every word I say. Seeking His face first has also turned out to be a good way of showing love for Him in my prayer life. I understand that we can have some time restraints when we pray. I recommend praise and thanksgiving to take up the majority of our prayers. Repentance is important as well and I see it as the pivotal point between praise and prayer request. By all means let your requests be known. God wants to hear them even though He already knows them. He wants to bless your requests so do ask. My advice is not to dwell on what’s hurting when you pray but to linger on the One who can fix what is hurting! Visit Jesus when you pray and see how your prayer life changes!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 6:6; John 15:7

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