Nothing can get in God’s way

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the past few years is that nothing can stop God. I call it a lesson because it was taught to me through experiences and I have studied it in the Bible. Our mind can stop God from acting on our behalf. It is another lesson learned but His grace and mercy can intervene in such a way that nothing and no one can stop Him from doing what He has planned for our lives. The universe itself can’t stop God. There is no one and nothing greater than the Lord and obstacles that seem insurmountable to us can’t get in the way of the Lord. God would move Heaven and earth to get to you and bless you the way He has decided to bless you. Today I want to emphasize the importance of adhere to that lesson. We need to be diligent students who have learned one of the most valuable lectures in life. God can do all things. God can’t be stopped by anything. God has the power to do what it takes to make things right and to make things good for you and me.

Hardships are hard lessons to swallow. They teach us that life can be tough. At times we take those lessons to heart and believe that they hold the ultimate truth. There is a danger in accepting the bad lessons and not trying to change our thinking. When life teaches us a negative lesson, we ought to defy that lesson and refuse to commit any of it to memory. Having tough lessons engraved in our minds can hinder our Christian walk and blur our spiritual vision. I am all for questioning the bad teacher of life and going to God to get a second opinion. In the school of the Lord we can unlearn what the negative school of life has taught us. Life lessons are not always negative but it’s the negative ones that we need to pay attention to and remove with the help of the Lord. Giving more faith to the bad life lessons makes us doubt the best teacher in the world. That amazing teacher says “Trust in Me. I can do all things. Believe in Me. Nothing can get in My way. I created the Heavens and the earth and I can create a way out of every single one of your problems. Trust Me.”

There are many passages in the Bible that demonstrate that no one can get in God’s way
. When He has made up His mind about something, that very thing will come to pass. When Jesus was born, His life was threatened. King Herod swore that he would kill the newborn baby. However, the Lord would not have it any other way. He promised that the King of kings would come into the world and save the world and no one, not even the powerful evil King Herod could get in the way. That example is a great illustration of how God can do all things. Friend, God has made promises to you in His Word or through His Spirit. Those promises will come to pass. No one and nothing can stand in the way of the Lord. Hold on to that lesson and show the Lord that you have learned it and you have adopted it as a way of life. God is faithful. Enjoy His faithfulness!

Suggested reading: John 10:28-30; Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 2:4-7

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