The power of talking it out

One of my colleagues was telling me the other day that he had heard something very interesting about the power of our words. He said that research suggests that we should talk to ourselves when we can’t fall asleep. Instead of tossing and turning we should speak and tell ourselves to go to bed. It made me think of how much the Bible has to say about talking and speaking things into existence. I have written on this subject before but I want to explore it more. It is when we “speak and command” that things change and move in our favor.


As true as it is that negative discourse can bring chaos into our lives, it is also true that positive words can change things for the best. Jesus spoke and people were healed. When you speak with faith, your situation can be healed so to speak. Do not underestimate the power of your words and their impact on your life. When you can’t find a way out, talk it out! Talk to yourself using God’s inspired words from the Bible or from the Holy Spirit. Those words will make a difference. Those words will bring healing to your soul and they will change the course of your situation. Talk it out and God will bring it to pass!


Talking something out implies spending time talking about it. Its’ the idea of prolonging a discussion usually with someone else. It’s to discuss something such as a problem or plan completely in order to find a solution or an agreement (Merriam Webster definition). When we talk something out, we hopefully end up with a solution. Talking things out using God’s words implies that we are starting with the solution right away but we have to keep going until we have developed more faith. Once we get to a higher level of faith we can expect things to improve for sure. Hearing yourself will increase your faith.


Talking it out allows us to get victory over a problem. Jesus said that if we talk to the mountains, they will move. In Matthew 17:20, Jesus said, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.” It takes speaking on our part. We might have to talk to the mountains a few times before we see the results. I like to talk to my problems. I tell them what I know about my Lord and I make them feel small as I magnify my Lord.


Talking it out is also a good way to let go of the thoughts that are contradicting our faith. When we are going through trials, negative thoughts can be pretty dominant in our minds. Talking it out with the words of the Lord pushes down the negative thoughts and makes it possible to have some type of mental cleansing. Our words can dominate our thoughts but the words have to be many to achieve that goal. Talking it out can get us to that goal!


Whatever you are facing today, remember to talk it out. Use all the arguments that you know from the Bible and put them in the face of your problems. Keep at it. Keep talking to your mountains. You will be feeding your faith and you will be moving mountains left and right. Talk it out instead of tossing and turning with fear and anxiety. As you talk it out, God will have the final say!


Suggested reading: Luke 17:6; Luke 18:27; Mark 11:23


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