The Greater One lives in you

The Bible verse “Greater is the One that lives in me than the one who is in this world*” has been an anchor for me most of my Christian life. It’s one of those verses that comes back often in times of trouble and that I celebrate in good times and bad times. The Lord who lives in us is much bigger than the enemy who lives in the world. However, there are times when we act like “greater is the enemy.” We focus on the negativity of the enemy so much that we give it a lot of power. Then we internalize that negative power by dwelling on it and baking it in the oven of our minds until it is ready to be eaten by our spirits. Once the negative power resides in our minds and invades our spirits, the Lord in us looks very tiny to the point where we might not even be able to see Him. As a saved believer, you are from God. You have overcome the world including the enemy because of Jesus who lives in you. Today you need to reclaim your victory and you need to go back to seeing God for whom He is. Live out the truth that greater is the One who lives in you! Don’t give the enemy a room to settle in and drop off his heavy luggage. Sweep him out of your heart. Give him the boot. He has no business renting space in you today and any day.


What does “Greater is the One that lives in you than the one that is in the world” mean? It is referring God being more powerful than the enemy and any of his hosts of negativity. The hosts of the enemy are fear, worry, devastation, death, robbery, destruction, sadness and loss to name a few. Anything that is under the umbrella of the enemy is no match to the One who lives in you. That is a huge statement that needs your attention. Imagine how revolutionized your life can be if you have total faith in that verse! Nothing will be able to stop nothing. Nothing will intimidate you. Nothing will seem too big for you because of the One who is in you. Next time you are dealing with a negative host, start meditating on that verse. Get the ball rolling on this powerful truth until the ball hits the target and sets you free from the opposition. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to help us get the ball of faith rolling until we can stand strong in faith. Thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit!


I once had to deal with many of the hosts of negativity at the same time. I should clarify that it happens often but I remember a particular time three years ago when I was attacked left and right. I had two options; give in to the adversity or stand my ground in the Lord. Giving in was very tempting and it would have been the easy way out but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me. Every time I prayed during that time I heard words of encouragement that seemed to be coming straight from the Word of God. The Spirit will keep you in His sphere of wisdom and encouragement in line with the Bible when you need Him. “Greater is the Lord who lives in you than the devil that lives in this world” came to mind a lot. The more I heard it and the more confidence I gained. I put it in practical terms and stated that “Greater was Jesus in me than the trouble I was facing in this world.” I said “Greater is Jesus in me than the sorrow of this world that is trying to take over me.” Friend, Jesus is indeed greater, stronger and more powerful than anything that can happen to you in this world. Hold on that confession today. Don’t give up and don’t give in! The winning One is living in you! Stay encouraged.


Suggested reading: 1 John 4:4*; Romans 8:31; 1 John 5:19

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