You will laugh again

One of the songs that has impacted my soul and my spirit the most this year is “Dance again” by LIFE Worship. It is uplifting, encouraging and it has a powerful message of hope. It sounds like the Holy Spirit talking to us. It sounds like the Word of God speaking to us. It sounds like the Lord reassuring us that we will dance again and be joyful again. God wants us to have joy and to stay joyful. It’s hard to conceive when we are always getting beaten down by life but He gives us the hope that joy can strike back and give us back what some life events have taken from us. When I think about the Lord, I think about love, peace and joy among other traits. He is consistent and He doesn’t trade those characteristics for some more negative ones. Our mood swings, our visits down to the valley of sadness don’t mean that God has mood swings and sad feelings. The joy coming from Him is out of this world. He laughs, He rejoices. Today I am here to tell you, in agreement with the Lord, that you will laugh again. God will bring you back to the mountain top of joy. Your trip to the valley is temporary and you are not there alone. The Lord is with you in the valley and He will make you laugh again right where you are. Tap into the Lord’s joy with faith and prayer and brace yourself for moments of laughter that will make you forget the times spent in the sad zone.

One thing I have noticed during morning prayer is that I smile a lot. I smile because I have some one-on-one time with Jesus and I can’t help smiling when I am aware of His presence. It doesn’t happen every day but it’s happening more and more. The beauty of it all is that He makes me smile even when I have many reasons to be down or to frown. Friend, the Lord does that. He gives you double the smile for every frown. Next time you go into prayer think about how the Lord is smiling at you at that very moment. He is so excited to talk to you and to hear from you. Prayer time is a great time for Him as well. He gets to have His child’s undivided attention and that means the world to Him. He wants you to feel His excitement and His joy. Let yourself be contaminated by His happiness and give in to the smiles and the laughter He is providing all the time.

God is a provider of joy and laughter
. David and the other psalmists were very much aware of the joy of the Lord. Throughout the Bible joy is mentioned as a strength and as a result of God’s presence. When you are feeling blue, God wants to give you the colors of His rainbow of joy. He desires to paint your life with shades of joy that you didn’t know existed. Pray for joy again. Pray for laughter. Thank the Lord for joy. Thank Him that you will laugh again. There is a crowd of witnesses rooting for you in Heaven and rejoicing at the thought that the Lord is with you in the valley and in the fields of happiness as well. Join the crowd of witnesses by letting joy come back. Stay open to joy. Crush the sorrow with songs of praise. Worship the Lord and let Him lead you to a place of laughter. In Jesus’ name you will laugh again. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Ecclesiastes 2:2; Ecclesiastes 3:4; James 5:13

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