God is preparing your comeback

As hard as it is sometimes it’s good to recognize that God has brought us this far and we have made it up to this point. We might not be all in one piece and there might be things missing in our lives but the Lord specializes in putting us back together. He can make us whole again. He is the best at reconstructing our lives. When Jesus died on the Cross, He was building something when most people thought He was done. He had to be broken. He had to be in pieces in order to be rebuilt. He rebuilt a kingdom that is stronger than ever and that will always be strong. God can rebuild you and patch you up like no one else can. He has the tools, the ability and the desire to put you back together. Let go of the guilt and let go of the shame. Those are inspired by the enemy who would rather see you low and depressed than witness your “resurrection comeback.” I like that expression. Jesus went through a resurrection comeback. It wasn’t just a regular human comeback. He died and rose again. Pieces of you are dead today but the One who gives life is with you to help you. Let the Lord pick up your pieces. Let Him build you again and revive every part of you. Be ready to experience a Jesus comeback!

When something is broken, we have the option to glue it back together or to throw it away. Not everything can be glued back together but sometimes even the parts that look like they can’t be put back together really can be. As you are looking at the areas of your life that are totally broken and you don’t believe they can be rescued, remember how Jesus was broken before you. Remember that He went to a place of no return. He died. It looked finally. There is nothing that can be more final than death but yet He came back to life. He has the power to conquer death. Death is not a problem for God. Your pieces that seem unfixable are not a problem for God. You will never find the perfect glue until you give your pieces to Jesus. He is an expert. He knows how to mend it all!

When my spirit is low and my spiritual backbone is wounded, Jesus is my answer. He fixes me. He mends me and He puts me back together. There is always hope, friend. The Lord can handle any brokenness. He has the power that it takes to make it better and to make it whole. Bring your pieces to the Lord in prayer. Surrender it all to Him. Trust that He will give you the comeback that will make you forget the mishap. He knows how to breathe life back into you. It will often take time but for every nail there is a new freedom, for every tear there is a smile and for every pain there is relief in Jesus’ name. Your life could be in the dead zone today but stand by, God is about to resurrect your life with the power of His Son. Hold on to hope. Hold on to Jesus. Your resurrection comeback is on its way!

Suggested reading: Luke 24:2-3; John 11:25-26; 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

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