The God of unlimited possibilities

I like to think about the best way I can define God. What stands out the most when I write a definition in my mind? To me He is the God of love first and foremost and that’s how I introduce Him to the world. I try my best to let people know that He is Love any way I can. I don’t need to stand on a bucket on a corner of a street and proclaim that He is love. I just have to exemplify it and demonstrate it. It’s not always the easiest thing to do but it is worth giving it a shot every time. I also describe God as the God of infinite possibilities. He is not limited by anything. He is the master of possibilities. He has an unlimited supply of answers, solutions and possibilities. The amazing thing about Him being the God of unlimited possibilities is that He has possibilities and options that we would never think of. Our minds can only see so much but His mind has no boundaries and restraints. Today I want to encourage you to focus on the God of possibilities. Take your current situation and know that God has more possibilities for an outcome than there are grains of sand on all beaches of the world combined!

The God of unlimited possibilities can do all things. He can do what is humanly impossible so it is crucial to always see Him as the source of possibilities and not men. We too often put men of influence on a pedestal relying on them to get us a breakthrough. I have observed how some pastors have been so elevated in churches that you could think they are gods. One time a lady told me “If only I could have five minutes with Pastor So and So and he could pray for me, I would be healed.” I was surprised by her comment but I have to admit I was the same way. I used to look for salvation and deliverance in people and I was always disappointed. The God of unlimited possibilities should be on the top of our list of “go-to resources.”

The God of unlimited possibilities is only limited by our thinking
. If we believe and think that God can rescue us, He will. If we believe that God is not much bigger than the building where we congregate for church, all we will get from Him is a temporary shelter on Sundays or on any days of prayer. God is not confined to the church. God is the head of the Church and as the head He is a leader. He can lead us into deliverance. He can lead us into blessings upon blessings. He can lead us into love, joy and peace. God is above the church itself. He is at the top of the tops. He is above everyone and everything. He knows how to solve problems a billion different ways. You might be limited right now but friend, the God of unlimited possibilities is about to deliver you and bless you so much that today’s pain will be forgotten tomorrow. The possibilities are endless and the Lord owns them all. Stay encouraged!
Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:17; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37

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