Goodness, love and mercy will follow you

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow you wherever you go*.” What an amazing promise we have in this verse! Some translations of the Bible use the word love instead of mercy for that scripture. In one of his new songs Chris Tomlin sings “Goodness, Love and mercy.” I love that! Friend, surely goodness, love and mercy will follow you wherever you go because of the Lord in your life. It is a promise that is sealed by the blood of Jesus in the greatest covenant of all. You can expect goodness, love and mercy every day of your life in Jesus’ name. Today it might look like you are being followed by evil, hate and trials but remember that God’s goodness is not far behind. His mercy is always following you no matter what else is after you.

Have you ever been followed by someone? I have never had that experience but I bet it can be scary unless you are being followed by someone who is there to protect you. Being followed usually denotes something negative but the Lord puts a different twist on it. He makes sure we are always followed, not by a creepy individual but by what I call His “love agents.” The Lord has agents of goodness following us. They are always right behind us. It doesn’t matter where we are or where we go, His agents are stringing along with us. Once they catch up with us, you can be sure that good things happen. Our devotion, our connection and our faithfulness to God allow His agents to catch up with us. Think about how wonderful it is when God’s love follows you, stands by you and surrounds you!

Goodness, love and mercy are some of the most powerful forces around. Goodness conquers evil. Love conquers hate and mercy covers a multitude of sins. God has made these powerful forces available to us because of His immeasurable love. His love is the umbrella that shelters us. Out of love He gave His Son. Out of love He forgives our sins. Out of love He showers us with blessings. Out of love He turns the impossible into possible. Out of love He gives us more than enough. Out of love He follows us wherever we go and ensures that we are well-taken care of and protected. Friend, stay on God’s page today. Stay on the page that chronicles how His goodness, love and mercy will follow you all of your days. Put your faith in that promise. God is faithful!
Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6*; Psalm 27:4; 2 Corinthians 5:1

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