Keeping your eyes on the solution

When I was praying yesterday morning, my mind was trying to scan the day ahead and focus on some of the most trying things to come. I had a few meetings planned that could turn out to be a bit difficult but the Lord told me to keep my eyes on Him all day. It felt as if He was whispering to my spirit “Let Me be the biggest One in the room.” He was telling me that whatever happened during the day I should fix my eyes on Him until He is the biggest One in the room and everything else fades away. That revelation blew my mind and it did wonders for me all day. I am in different rooms throughout the day and there is always something negative I could concentrate on if I let my mind get in the way. Friend, today I want to encourage you to keep allowing God “to be the biggest One in the room.” You might be in a room full of problems, full of negative people, full of fear or full of anxiety but keep your eyes on Jesus until He is the biggest One in the room!

The room I am in most of the day is my classroom. I have about 100 kids every day in 5 different classes. You never know what can happen during class. For the most part it is very positive but negativity has a way of coming in and sitting in the back of the room staring at me with eyes of defiance. Negativity likes to challenge all of us at random times. It would be easy for me to magnify negativity and give it more space in my room than it deserves. Let’s say a kid makes a mean comment about another kid or a kid gets sick or kids start acting up. Those are all examples of negativity at its best. Anything can happen during class but I have learned that despite of it all Jesus is still with me. Things might be going awry but the Lord also has a seat in my classroom and I need to fix my eyes on Him more than on the problem.

God is constantly telling us to look at Him. He wants us to lift our heads and stare at Him instead of putting all of our attention on the trials. When negativity shows up in my classroom I am not going to ignore it and look away, I am going to take a look at it and then stare at the Lord. I am not going to focus on the problem, I won’t ignore the problem but I am going to stare at the solution. To every problem we have there is a solution and it is called Jesus. Jesus is the solution to every tribulation and every dilemma. We need to keep staring at Him until He appears to be bigger than our troubles. There might be an elephant in the room that we are trying to avoid but the Lord is way bigger than the elephant. If you are stuck with a problem today, focus on the Lord until He becomes bigger than your problem. How? Praise Him. Lift Him up. Put Him above all things where He belongs. Keep your eyes on the solution. The Lord is always the solution!

Suggested reading: Psalm 103:19-22; Psalm 104:1; Luke 19:37-38

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