Having the faith of a child

Working with kids is captivating, intriguing and rewarding. For the most part the kids I work with want to learn and they show interest in my classes. Some would rather be somewhere else and it shows. Their attitude is not always the best and staying focused is not easy for them. They do all have that childlike demeanor where new things are exciting and they believe almost anything. Their belief system hasn’t completely been corrupted by doubt and they will believe something even when it’s not backed up by evidence. Jesus tells us to be more like children. He also said to let children come to Him. He encouraged us to keep that childlike faith and to not let the world corrupt that faith. As a teenager accepting Christ, I had a childlike faith that some could call gullible faith but I like to think that it was deep faith. I believed everything I read in the Bible. I was so struck by God’s awesomeness that I restricted myself from breathing too loud if I thought it could hinder my faith. I am exaggerating but I believed so much that I didn’t want to do anything that would displease God. Then life took a toll on me and my faith diminished. I started to take things too seriously and I lost that childlike faith. I do remember what it feels like and I am able to go back to it on a regular basis now. Today I want to invite you to regain your childlike faith. I want to encourage you to go to the Father as a His child. A child who believes every word his or her father says. A child who has no doubt that his or her father is a good caring father.

The Lord wants us to go to Him like children would because it establishes the relationship we have with Him. He is our Father and He takes His role very seriously. Think of the best dad in the world and multiply his great attributes by a billion times. It’s hard to fathom isn’t it? Yet that is how our Lord is with us. He is the best dad in the universe who longs for us to see Him as the loving figure that He is. No more distance, no more disconnection with Him. He has a relationship with us that we should maintain and preserve. Kids who have great fathers love to spend time with them and talk to them. Imagine having the most amazing dad ever and not taking the time to be with him. That is unfortunately what many of us do. We are more interested in developing a relationship with strangers than having a love relationship with our creator. We know how it feels to have strong friendships with people but we are not too familiar with having a bond with the One who loves us the most. We keep wanting to be adopted by the wrong people when the Lord is telling us that we belong with Him and we shouldn’t look for a shelter in all the wrong places. Parenthood is something the Lord does with excellence but we need to give Him a chance to prove it.

A childlike faith can move mountains. It’s a faith that accepts everything just because we take our Father’s word for it. A child usually doesn’t question his or her father. There is trust and there is a sense of security and safety when around the father. It’s that trust we should strive to develop. If we could only get rid of our adult blindfolds and let our eyes be open to childlike faith we would start to see mountains move. Take the time to observe children and you will learn a thing or two about their faith almost anything. I pray that we find ways to stop the world from corrupting our faith and we stay grounded in a childlike faith that sees God for whom He is. Not because we are taught what He is like but because we have a firsthand relationship with Him. It’s time to go back to the basics of faith and remove all the additions that have made holes in our belief system. Let’s pray for faith to rise again and to lead us people into the path of love, peace, joy, victory and blessings from above!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 22:6; Matthew 18:3; Luke 18:17

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