10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 38)

There is a thin line between faith and doubt that is suspended in the space of your life. When you walk on that line and you are going to fall, be sure to fall in the faith space.

We too often hide behind a facade of words but our actions expose us. Let’s use words that are in sync with our actions. Let our actions be in line with God’s words. Let our actions speak for themselves.

Hold on to hope. Hope is always there. It might be hiding behind a hopeless situation but it is there. Uncover hope with your hands of faith. It’s worth the time and effort. Hope is always there somewhere.

God’s love is not artificial and fake. It wasn’t created by men. God’s love is genuine and authentic. It created men!

When you are going through a cloudy season, keep in mind that the sun is never too far. It is right behind the clouds. Whatever cloud is blocking the light right now, will be gone soon. Hang on to hope! Sunny days are coming!

Your money is not your biggest fortune. Your heart is your biggest treasure. Fill your heart with the Lord and you will be wealthy in many ways.

Stay at a high level of praise. Then you will see “spiritual fireworks”, joy will invade your heart and peace will be a big part of who you are!

Evil things can be surrounding us in the valley but the Lord is in the valley as well. His angels are singing and rejoicing keeping us focused on the Lord if we give faith a chance in the middle of the trenches!

When was the last time you gave the Lord the green light to do whatever He wanted with your life? Give Him the OK to mold you, teach you, grow you and bless you!

Miracles are not reserved for old biblical times. You are living in biblical times today with miracles of great proportions. Jesus said bigger miracles can happen today. Expect your bigger size miracles today!

Suggested reading: Ecclesiastes 12:12-13; John 14:12; Matthew 21:21

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