Who is in charge of your life?

Every year a good number of my students have divorced parents. Most of the time the parents share custody but I have had cases where one parent had sole custody. The parent has both legal and physical custody of the kid. The separation can be so pronounced that one parent is totally alienated or just not involved. As I was praying the other day, the Lord showed me that when I got saved there was a divorce. My life divorced the enemy, the opposition and the Lord was granted sole custody. I am under His protection, His guidance and His care. Friend, as you gave your life to Christ a divorce took place and you were given over to God. He is in charge of your life now. You are under His tutelage and guardianship. The divorce that occurred, freed your life and separated you from the opposition. Live every day in the light of that separation. The enemy doesn’t have shared custody so live your life showing that you know who is in charge of your life. Don’t give the enemy the wrong idea by acting as if he were in control of your life.

Custody is defined as the protective care or guardianship of someone or something. Note the word “protective” in the definition. Since you are in God’s custody you can expect protection and shelter. God Almighty can give you protection like no one else can. He is your Father and He cares about you deeply. He wants you to stay grounded in that truth. When the enemy attacks you and tries to intimidate you, remind him who oversees your life. Tell him that Jesus is in charge of your life now and command him to back off. You see, the enemy gets it all twisted and he wants us to be as confused as he is by making us believe that he has a lot more power over us than he truly does. He likes it when we have “a shared custody mentality” and we see him as a parent. We don’t do it consciously but we express it every time we speak negativity, every time we let doubt get the best of us, every time we allow fear to dominate us and when we sin without repentance. We ought to declare “Like father, like child.” We are children of God Most High and as His children we take after.

Like I said earlier, sole custody implies that the guardian has both physical and legal custody. The Lord has physical custody. He is in charge of making sure we are safe and well-provided for. He will move Heaven and earth to bless us and to give us what we truly need. He is a very good Father. The legal part of the custody delineates the spiritual rights He has over our lives. He is legally bound to us by the blood of His Son. We have a covenant with the Lord that surpasses all human contracts. It is a union that keeps on giving. We must do our part and the Lord will do exceedingly more than we can hope for. He is so good and so merciful that He can bless us for no reason at all. Let’s be sure that we proclaim loud and clear the truth about our custody. God is in charge of our lives. He is the only One who should be given the title of guardian of our lives. Let’s not fall for the enemy’s lies. God is in control. He has the final say!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 46:1; 1 John 4:18

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