The battle is over

I had a dream the other night that the Lord was fighting my battles. His sword looked like a cross. The battle seemed very easy for Him from what I remember and it was in a corner of my life. There was an area of my life where He was fighting. It was a small part of my life but He needed to do something about it. When I woke up, I realized that I also fight my battles with a cross. I carry my cross every day so to speak. Every day I fight the good fight of faith and carrying my cross means staying in faith. As I carry my cross, the Lord takes care of my struggles. The truth is that He already took care of my struggles and battles on the Cross but it takes faith on my part to see the victories come to pass. As this new week begins, I invite you to carry your cross and keep fighting the good fight of faith. Know that the heavy battles you used to wage prior to knowing the Lord are over. The fight is over. Jesus won and it is your turn to see it manifested in your life with the cross in your hand and faith in your heart.

I remember how the daily struggles used to weigh on me.
I remember having a hard time getting out of bed apprehending what the day would bring. When I gave it all up to the Lord my life changed. Surrendering to the Lord implies trusting in the power of the Cross and the power of His blood. I see people shy away from the power of the Cross in some Christian circles. The Cross signifies the end of an era. It’s the end of the era of terror. Jesus conquered death and all the negative elements that go with it. The victory of the Cross spans way further than we think. The victory is still valid today and it will be valid tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the rest of the week and all the days that come after that. The power of the Cross lives on and it will never die. With faith, we can carry the Cross in our daily walks and live with the assurance that victory is guaranteed. It doesn’t prevent the opposition from attacking us. It’s quite the opposite but it prevents us from being destroyed if we stay in faith.

When Jesus said on the Cross, “It is finished”, He was referring to what was being accomplished for eternity.
He took a sip of sour wine and now He gives us a new wine, a new wine of freedom, love, joy and peace. The sour is gone, it’s time for the fresh and new. Jesus finished all our battles and that includes your daily battles and struggles. You are going to make it today. Friend, you will make it beautifully because the battle is over. The problems that will rise today were solved on the Cross. They might look like they have no solution at this moment but the solution dates back to two thousand years ago and it has no expiration date. Carry your cross with pride today. Carry your faith with pride. The battle is over so tell your problems that they are the ones that expired on the Cross way before you were born. Your faith will get you through anything in life. Anything! Nurture it, cherish it, amplify it with praise, prayer and love. The cross you carry daily is unstoppable. The battle is over in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; John 10:10; John 19:28-30

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