Perception is everything

I recently watched a video online of a very successful man who was talking about the importance of fine tuning our perception of life in order to do well. He was explaining that people whose parents and mentors were doing well had a tendency to do well themselves. They see that success can be achieved. They see that it can be done so their perception of success is basically positively influenced. They perceive success as a very attainable goal and if they choose to stick with that perception, they will be successful. Now the same is true for people who see failure and struggles in their parents and mentors. Their perception will be skewed and they will believe that failure is what they will amount to. This whole concept made me think of our perception of life as Christians. Perception is everything. It goes with the idea that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Our perception of any situation is crucial.

I want my perception to always be in the winning camp. I want my perception to always be one that believes in the possible and that doubts the impossible. Doubt the impossible and God will turn it into possible! If you perceive things to be achievable in Jesus’ name, guess what? You will achieve them. If you keep the right perception and you let God’s opinion overshadow the world’s opinions, you will stay in the light of His truth. God has a mind of His own that is above the human mind and human perceptions. His ways are way above our ways and they are meant to be what we should strive to attain or at least understand. His perception of the world is way different from the world’s perception of the world. The world thinks that not all things are possible when God thinks and knows that anything is possible. The world thinks that there is a hierarchy and that some people are better and higher than others. God thinks and knows that we are all equal. His perception is thousands of miles away from the pessimistic perception of the world and it’s believers like you and me that can catch up to His views and make them our own.

Perception is everything and everything has to be perceived through the right lens if we want to be successful in life. My definition of a successful life is a life where we get as close to God as possible. Getting close to God does cover an array of blessings but it is centered around loving God and loving others first. If we want to get closer to God we must have the right perception of who God is and how He sees us and how He sees other people. Perceive the Lord as your Father whose love is unconditional and you will have the right perception. Then it’s up to you to stick to that perception and to use it as the lens through which you are looking at life. God wants you to stay in love, stay in faith, stay with joy, stay filled with peace and stay in His abundant life. God wants you to succeed in every area of your life and that should be a perception for every day of your life. Perception is everything and God wants to be part of your everything. Keep the perception of faith. Keep the perception of love and you will see God manifested in everything in your life!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; John 3:36; 1 Peter 4:7-8

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