Rivers in the desert

I have been through dry seasons more often than I would have liked. At first those deserts took a toll on me and left me as dry as can be and the rehydration process was always lengthy. Spending time in the wilderness can really hurt you on so many different levels and it can suck life out of your spirit. Then I learned that the deserts of life are spaces where our faith can be practiced and where a shelter can be found. I grew to understand that the Lord can provide water during the dry seasons. He has a way of creating rivers in the desert. He can give us relief when we least expect it. He can give us a fresh start after spending time in a sultry zone of misery and despair. “Rivers in the desert” is a promise that dates back to the Old Testament in the book of Isaiah. Nowadays deserts are still a daily occurrence in many people’s lives but the Old Testament’s promise still holds. Your desert today is about to be rained on by God’s glory. When His glory moves in, clouds of blessings start showering your life with the rain of victory. If you are going through a desert today, believe that rivers are forming. Don’t trust your eyes. Trust what faith is telling you. Faith is trying to give you a new set of lenses so you can see the rivers in the middle of your dry season.

I have never actually been to a desert but from what I hear they have extreme temperatures. They can be very hot during the day and very cold at night. These extremes cause a lot of discomfort. They are not pleasant and they are hard to adjust to. When the enemy is putting you through a desert, he intends to make you very uncomfortable. He wants you to believe that you will never adjust and you will never feel peace and joy during this hard time. He tries to get your attention by drawing on what makes you feel bad the most. When he has your undivided attention and he can make you focus on the tough conditions, he has reached one of his goals. It’s the goal of separating us from God and of keeping us away from love and hope. It’s when we ignore the rough conditions of our desert that we get closer to finding rivers of fresh waters again. Ignore the enemy and his bad weather patterns and you will find peace again.

Experiencing rivers in the desert is experiencing God in the middle of our troubles. It’s taking our eyes away from what is going wrong and keeping our eyes on the One who can all make it right. When faith opens your eyes to God’s rivers in the desert, you will see hope again. God said that He can do the impossible for you even when you are in the middle of nowhere with no hope in sight. He will bring hope to you. He will bring peace to you. His rivers will reach you and touch you no matter how far gone you are in the desert. You could be walking over a dune of tribulations and suddenly the Lord brings water out of a spring that didn’t exist before. He is an expert at creating greatness out of nothingness. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is a river flowing under you in your current desert. Thank the Lord for His rivers. Thank Him for being faithful. Before you know it, the rivers will flow. Don’t give up. Relief is on the way!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:18; Isaiah 43:19; Isaiah 51:18; Luke 3:4-5

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