The name above all names

What’s in a name? There are names that carry a lot of weight. Names that fill up the room when you hear them. The person doesn’t have to be present but just the mention of their name gives you the impression that they are right there. Some names are larger than life and they just can’t be ignored. Some names fill you with admiration or with awe. The name of Jesus does that to me. The mention of His name changes the course of my day. I find that hearing His name, seeing His name or thinking of His name impact my day. I try to say His name as much as I can. His name carries the weight that can crush all opposition, all fear and all negativity. I used to hear His name used a lot in Church a while ago. Now it is not as often that you hear someone say, “in Jesus’ name.” His name has been put behind the headline of self-improvement in some cases. I don’t want to generalize but I have seen it happen. Is His name part of your vocabulary? Are you aware of the importance of His name? The authority that is contained in His name is still powerful. His name can still set free, heal, bless and protect. Today I want to encourage you to call upon the name above all names and to speak His name in all circumstances. There is no name as powerful as His name!

A name is a word or a set of words by which a person, animal, place or thing is known or referred to. It can be a proper noun and a common noun. “Jesus” being the name above all names is above all other names. He is above all people, animals, places and things. Think about anyone and anything you know, good or bad. Jesus is above all of them. He is above the people who are making your life miserable. He is above the problems that are driving you crazy. He is above all the negative places you find yourself visiting at times. He is above everything that can be named under the sun and that includes fear, oppression, loss, failure, hurt, pain and destruction. His name is actually the name of restoration. He restored life when He died and rose again. He restored what was destroyed. You have access to the name that can restore your life and put it back on the right track. His name should be called on for restoration repeatedly. When was the last time you called on the name of Jesus? When was the last time you exalted His name above all names where it belongs?

We sometimes give too much weight to the wrong names. We magnify things and people and give them too much authority over our lives. I can think of fear as a name that we lift up very high instead of putting it under our feet. Fear is a noun that is defined as a common noun but we turn it into a proper noun by allowing it to take on more power than it deserves. The name of Jesus trumps fear. Fear cannot stand the name of Jesus when spoken in faith. Jesus’ disciples used His name to set people free and heal the sick. Even those who didn’t know Him intimately used His name and saw signs and wonders. Now imagine speaking the name of Jesus knowing how much weight it carries. As you get to know Him more, you will get a greater understanding of how much power is in His name. Before you give names to all your problems and trials, use the name above all names. Speak His name against your troubles. Don’t let your troubles speak to you and carry a monologue of terror in your head. Speak Jesus’s name with authority. Freedom is still available through His name!

Suggested reading: John 14:13; Acts 4:12; Philippians 2:9-11

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