Things are going to get better

Sometimes all you want to hear is that things are going to get better. Sometimes all you want to see is a glimmer of hope. Sometimes all you want to feel is reassurance all around. Sometimes all you want to taste is a sample of victory. Sometimes all you want to smell is the scent of peace and tranquility. God has given you physical senses so you can apprehend the world but He has also given you spiritual senses that help you deal with this unpredictable life. Those senses are summarized in one thing; faith. With a tiny bit of faith, you can feel, sense, taste, hear and see what your natural senses can’t. Because of your faith in God you know that things will get better. You believe in your heart that there is hope, that peace is coming, that victory is on its way and a breakthrough is about to show up. There might be layers covering your faith and blocking your God-given spiritual senses. It’s time you started the process of removing the layers and letting faith be your guiding sense. Your physical senses will lead you through the physical realm but your faith can lead you in the dark places, through the loudest spaces and when life leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. Faith is God speaking, seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. God senses that it is going to get better for you. All of His senses are in agreement with His promise. Let faith be the common denominator in all the equations of your senses so they are summed up by hope. Things are going to get better, friend!

Expecting life to be a bed of roses with no negativity ever interrupting it is having an erroneous perception of life.
The Lord Himself said we couldn’t expect a life free of torment and free of problems. Things could be bad now and they can get worse but the promise is that with the Lord things will get better. Hope is about to make a comeback, friend. The slightest light of hope can tear down the worst situations. The nightmare is not going to last. You are not going to be glued to a bed of bad dreams forever. I understand that it is hard to see it when you are in the middle of chaos but God said that He would turn your mourning into dancing. He will turn your nightmares into heavenly dreams and He will change your frown into a smile. You have faith in you. Dig into the depth of your heart and find it again. Spend time on your knees and you will find the way back to faith.

Put pressure on your bad circumstances with prayer. Terrorize the plans of the enemy with praise. Shake the walls of desperation with worship and thanksgiving. When things are not going well, the last thing the devil wants you to do is turn to God. Turn your back on the enemy and give your undivided attention to God. Ignore the whispers of the enemy and let the reality of God’s majesty reign in your life again. You might be going through a Job type of season right now but remember what the Lord did for Job. Job’s breakthrough was unprecedented and the same is true about your breakthrough. Moments of intense joy are knocking on your door. Transformation is a few miles away but the best news is that the Lord is right by your side at this very moment. Things are going to get better. Nothing will stop God. The blessings are coming. Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:3; Jeremiah 17:7; Amos 9:14

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