Don’t worry about it

“God, I don’t want to worry anymore. I don’t want to live in fear. You conquered fear. Help me live out Your victory on a daily basis”. This is a prayer I have prayed oh so many times. I found that I can have faith for some big things but then fear and doubt would cripple me when it came to small things. Fear is the enemy of doubt. The enemy uses fear to stall us and to destabilize us. He knows that fear alienates us from God. He knows that fear keeps us captive. The Lord tells us not to fear and not to worry about 365 times in the Bible. It is a message we need to remember every single day. Fear and worry put blindfolds on our eyes of faith. Fear and worry put shackles on our feet so we can’t make progress in our walk of faith. Today I am encouraging you to tackle fear and worry with God. Get in a daily partnership with Him so fear and worry can always be defeated in your life. The Lord won the battle against them. They should have no power over us and the Lord can help us keep them at bay.


One of the best ways to be able to win the battle over fear and worry is to build up our faith. Building up faith should be a daily occurrence. We should focus on the Lord, the strong foundation of our faith every single day. Faith is like a tower or a fortress that protects us from negative weather patterns. However, if we only lay down one or two bricks to build our tower on Sunday and we leave the construction site the rest of the week, our faith will not stand a chance against the attacks of fear. Give your faith a chance by putting down layers after layers every chance you get. Build a tower. Don’t build a hut that will fall apart when the wind blows. Stay connected to God throughout the week. Don’t be a Sunday builder and a weekday disaster! If your tower is not tall enough, rely on the Fortress that cannot be destroyed. God is your Rock and your refuge. He can shelter you from fear and worry. Ask Him to help you lay the bricks of faith.


In most recent years every time I have presented an issue to the Lord, I have heard in my heart “Don’t worry about it.” The Lord will never tell me to worry about a problem. Worry won’t make the problem go away. He wants us all to let go of the problem and give it to Him. When we spend time worrying, we keep ourselves in a mental jail. Overthinking is a form of meditation on the wrong things. God said we should meditate on His Word and not on the issues of the world. Worrying will only make doubt stronger in our minds and wreck our spirits in the long run. We have the authority to withstand worry and fear. Every time they assail us we should speak against them with the authority that belongs to us in Jesus’ name. “I refuse to fear and I refuse to worry in Jesus’ name. Fear, go away. You have no business coming here today” is a good rebuke. Whatever words you choose be sure that they are a threat to fear and doubt. You can defeat them. Don’t let them drive you crazy. Let your faith drive them away. “Don’t worry about it” says the Lord. He has conquered the world including fear and worry.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:1; Psalm 18:2; 1 John 4:18

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