How to get closer to God

How can we get closer to God? How can we get into His presence more often or more easily? When I became more serious about the Lord over 5 years ago, getting into His presence in the privacy of my bedroom changed my prayer life. It changed my life entirely. I used to believe that we could only get into His presence in church or on special occasions. God is omnipresent and He is always around. We are the ones who need to draw closer to Him. He doesn’t go on vacation. He doesn’t take a break from us. He is always there and He can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. I love what Chris Tomlin sings when he sings, “Praise is the highway to the throne of God.” That is so true! Nothing can get us into His presence faster than praise. If you want to get closer to God today, if you are longing for His presence, develop a habit of praise!

You have probably heard that God inhabits the praises of His people. When we praise Him, He shows up. It is not that He disappears and we need to conjure Him up like a genie. He becomes more visible and more approachable when we praise Him. Praise unveils His presence to us. Praise removes the blocks that separate us from Him. Why? How? Praising the Lord is truly focusing on Him. When we do, we build up our faith in Him. What we think about we can easily magnify. Thinking about the Lord and magnifying Him gives us the confidence that He is real and He is present. Praise brings Him to the forefront. When you spend time in praise you spend time hanging out with the Lord. He is right there in your praises. Wouldn’t you want to hang out with Him daily? When I started doing that, I got addicted. I can’t go back now to not hanging out with Him daily.

There are so many things during the day that can distract us away from the Lord
. We can be so into our jobs, our studies, our relationships that we squeeze the Lord out of our lives. Working, studying, spending time with people, having hobbies and all that are important but if they take precedence over our time with the Lord, we will always feel like we are far from Him. Getting closer to Him can almost seem impossible the more time we spend away from Him.  My suggestion is to set some time aside every single day to praise Him. You might say that you really don’t have that much time. That’s what the enemy wants you to believe. It’s a mindset that will deprive you from the best thing in the world; time with God. Wake up earlier, go to bed later, take a walk alone with God, carve some time into your schedule. Find the best option for you and do it regularly. Praising Him daily will transform your life. You won’t see what I am talking about until you do it all the time. You can get closer to God, much closer. Praise is the highway to His throne. Get on the road every day!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:21; Psalm 22:3; Revelation 4:8

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