Pray for the crying to stop

I sometimes see people crying in my mind when I am praying. People that I know or people that I have never seen before. Then I hear deep down in my heart, “Pray for the crying to stop.” There is crying everywhere. Crying in public but also a lot of crying going on in private. The world is crying rivers of sadness, of pain, of fear, of frustration and of confusion. It is people like you and me that can help stop those rivers from flowing. It takes more than a village to get the world to stop crying but a village is a good start. Join the village of intercessors that are praying against the crying. You have the tools to make a change. Love is the main instrument that God has chosen to guide us in this process. Like with any other instrument it requires practice and application. Today I am inviting you to play the instrument of love and lead the way in a serenade of comfort so the world around can dry its tears and believe in hope again. Pray against the tears. Pray against the fear. Let love give you the words to pray for the world to change in many ways.



Tears are a symbol of suffering. They show how much someone is bruised, tormented and hurt. When Jesus said that He came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly He also meant that He came to wipe the tears by terminating the suffering. Jesus can wipe away tears like no one else can. He died for every single one of the tears you will shed. He sees every tear. He hears the suffering. He dealt with the tears. He dealt with the suffering on the cross. Pain, whether is it visible or invisible, is no match for our God. There is no tear that the Lord can’t dry. There is no pain that the Lord can’t soothe. However, there is too much crying going on and the praying pioneers of the Lord can put a dent in the flow of suffering. Today is a good day to start interceding. Today is a good day to start comforting. The crying won’t cease until hope is visible to those whose heart is heavy and full.



The instrument of love should be resounding throughout the earth with melodies of hope and tunes of peace. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Nothing can defeat it but it has to be expressed in order for it to be effective. A vessel of love is only useful depending on how much love it spreads and distributes. Imagine someone whose tears have not stopped invading his or her heart for days. That person is overwhelmed by the sadness that has taken over. It is love and prayer that can remove the hands of sadness and the grip of pain in such a terrible case. When you pray for someone, you are extending the hands of God. You are offering a helping hand in a world of chaos. When you show love, you are warming someone’s heart with the touch of God. Pray for the crying to stop, friend. Let God’s hands reassure the people around you. Let God’s love heal the broken-hearted and dry the tears! Pray for the world around you. Pray for the crying to stop!


Suggested reading: Psalm 147:3; Jeremiah 30:17; Acts 10:38

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