Stay in the Son

I found that living a life with the Lord is like living a life that is always in the sun. It is like feeling the warmth of the sun with some periods of shade and colder weather but God by giving his only Son made it possible to weather the storms of life through Him. The goal is to stay in the Son so to speak. The goal is not to stray away from the Son. The Lord became the Sun of my existence when I invited Him into my life. I invited Him to be the warmth that keeps me safe in all types of weather conditions. I think my spirit was tired to be in a constant winter and it couldn’t take the cold weather anymore. My mind was in a block of ice that nothing could thaw. My soul was in a freezer with no hope of getting out in sight. I invited the Lord in and my life changed completely. I got saved as a teenager but I walked in the wilderness for a very long time.

It is possible to get saved and not enjoy the benefits of the abundant life that Jesus provided
. It is possible to live with one foot in and one foot out. It is possible to live a Christian life that is (totally) void of Christ. He has to be the Sun in our lives. The Sun is the source of life and it brings hope and joy. Think about the people who live in parts of the world with no sun. They have to resort to get their sun somewhere, somehow. They have to find artificial ways to get some sun time. I used to live a Christian life with an artificial sun. I made up the sun. I made up a Christ who was nowhere near the real One. I am encouraging you today to pursue the real One. Hold on to the Sun of life. Hold on to the Lord and get closer to Him. We all need a good amount of sun and without the Son of God our lives have little meaning. I refuse to spend my life in the shade of God’s glory. I want to bask in His glory and praise Him with a choir of believers whose faith is stronger than any storm.

The Lord’s light is shining for you and me. The Son is brighter than any force of darkness. He will burn off all the weight that is caused by worry and pain. Stay in the light. Stay in the Lord’s light. Stay in the Son. There is no sun brighter than the Lord’s. If you are going through a dark phase where you can’t find the switch, turn on the Sun. Turn to the Son of God. Let God be the switch that brightens your day. Let Him lead the way by illuminating your next steps. Let the Lord’s truth be the light that pierces through the lies of darkness. Make Him your source of life. Make Him your number one. Rely on His light for warmth and for all the things you need to grow spiritually. Get in the light that neutralizes all darkness. The Lord wants you to stay in Him and flourish in His loving arms. Don’t worry about today’s clouds, the Lord is always shining even when you don’t see it! Stay in the Son and the shadow of the enemy will not stick around!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Matthew 4:16; John 1:5

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