You can do it!

I occasionally ask my students to write a list of the things they can do in French with the knowledge they have acquired in the previous weeks. They write things such as “I can describe my friends” or “I can talk about what I did last weekend.” Those “can-do statements” are a great source of empowerment because they show them that they can do more than they used to. When my students gets discouraged, I remind them of what they said they can do. I also tell them what they can do even before they write it down. God does the same with us. He has a list of “can-do statements” that He wants us to write on your hearts and in our minds. If we could get some of those statements engraved in our thinking, we would be much better off. Today I invite you to come up with your own “can-do statements” based on what the Lord says you can do. “You can do it” is what He whispers to our hearts when the world says we will never make it. “Failure” is not in God’s vocabulary. “You can’t do it” is not in God’s bank of phrases. Let’s get rid of the semantics that slow us down in our Christian walk and let’s use God’s statements instead. You can do it, friend!

We easily believe what our minds tell us. The mind is a powerful tool that dictates our lives all the time. If things don’t agree with our minds then we have a hard time following them. This is why the Word of God encourages us to change our minds constantly, to transform our thinking and to align it with God’s thinking. The moment I started to doubt my mind is when I started to allow God to influence my mind. Keeping an open mind took on a new meaning for me. I opened my mind to God. He says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. People have argued against this verse saying that the context was limited and that we shouldn’t take it to heart. I took this verse to heart. I took it to the places in my mind where doubt was dominating and where limitations were residing. We share the mind of Christ and I want to share as much of His mind as I can. I can do what Jesus says I can do. He says I can do a lot more than my mind says. I choose to side with my Lord and not trust my mind in all things unless they are backed up by the Word of God.

Have you ever made a list of things you can do in life? Do you have a list of the things you can accomplish on a daily basis because of your connection with God? If not, start today. Write your “can-do statements.”  Make a list and pray about it. Meditate on that list. Ask the Lord to open your mind to that list. Accept His help. Ask for His guidance with that process. Let Him help you delete your old thinking patterns and imprint your mind with His new thinking patterns. Christ says you are in His image. You can be more like Him than your mind says. It is a good place to start. Start by believing you can be more like Him. Start your list by stating you can love like Him. You can be joy, peace, love, faith and all the attributes of the fruit of the Spirit. You can be a light to the world. You can be an inspiration of hope. You can be the child of God you were called to be. When a difficulty comes up, write what you can do in that situation according to the Lord. Don’t let the difficulty write your “can’t do statement” for you. In Jesus’ name you can do what God says you can do. You can do it, friend! God believes it. Trust it. Apply it. Live it. Enjoy it!

Suggested reading: Philippians 4:13; 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10; Ephesians 6:10

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