Your window of opportunity

Do you ever feel like you lost your chance? Do you ever feel like you missed an opportunity and now the door is closed? I have had that feeling many times. It often felt like I had missed the last train and I was stuck on the platform of regret and sadness. Life presents many opportunities that seem to run away from us. I hated being under the impression that I couldn’t get what I was waiting for or that I would never be able to make it in a certain area of my life. Then I found out about the Lord. I found out that with Him the window of opportunity was wide open. Not only is His window larger than life, it also stays open. His windows turn into doors that no man can shut. If you are feeling like you have missed the mark today or you can’t see where new opportunities are going to come from, think again. Jesus came to bring good news. His good news is for salvation, redemption, deliverance, healing and blessings of many kinds. He came to open a new window of opportunity for you that will stay wide open as long as you stay in faith. When the world says you messed up, the Lord says your window is open. He says that you can still make it and that it’s not too late. Friend, the Lord has a window of opportunity for you that will stand the test of time.




When you failed to achieve what you had intended, a strong sentiment of loss takes over. The enemy loves to steal from us and he is after our goals, our plans and our intents. The opposition works hard at making us feel inadequate. The opposition knows that the more depressed we are, the less likely we will be to stand our ground in faith. His plan is to shake the earth from under our feet and keep us drowning in quicksand. He starts with our minds and if he can keep us captive in our thinking, he knows we won’t budge and we won’t make progress in our Christian walk. Spiritual paralysis is what he is aiming for. He wants us to look at the window of opportunity from a distance and think that the window is not for us, that we don’t deserve it. Jesus operates completely differently. He is rooting for us and He believes we can move through life with His Spirit as our coach and helper. God is all about moving in the right direction. His Spirit guides us towards all the windows of opportunity that the Lord has for us. Stick with God and you won’t stay in one place. Stick with God and every day will be a day closer to a big window of opportunity. Stick with God and He will turn the quicksand into solid ground. Stick with God and your window of opportunity is going to show up in His perfect timing.




Your window of opportunity is not closed. With the Lord there is a land of opportunities waiting for you. Believe that God has open windows for you, friend. He is not like the world. You are always welcome. His window is wide open and it is going to usher you into a life of opportunities where you will get picked and you will be chosen by the best that life has to offer. With God you won’t come last. You are at the head of the line. Opportunities are going to line up for you. God can do the impossible. Don’t let the world tell you that you came too late. Don’t let failure write your story. Give God the pen and let Him write your real story. The window is wide open and the Lord is giving you free access to more opportunities than you can dream of!


Suggested reading: Psalm 100:3; Matthew 25:1-46; 2 Peter 3:9

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