Vote for love every day!

Yesterday I voted after work. It’s interesting how much segregation there is in the Church these days when it comes to politics. If you choose what some people consider the wrong color, you are categorized as a spiritually delinquent being. Jesus doesn’t see color and His color is tainted with love. His love covers all the gamut of the rainbow and it transcends narrow-mindedness and exclusion. If I were to vote every day, I would vote for love. Love would have my vote all the time. Jesus has my vote and last time I checked, He was love and He will never change. I am not interested in a political discourse and I am not about to write about parties and wrong and right choices when it comes to voting. All I believe is that love is the party I belong to. I side with Jesus. I let Him lead me and His number one commandment is to walk in love. Take a stand for love today. Take a stand for Jesus. Don’t let your vision be blurred by red or blue. Don’t focus on the colors, focus on love. Love goes through all parties and it stands tall above all adversity.

A vote for Jesus is a vote for love. When we vote, we make a formal indication of our choice between several candidates. We can make that choice every day. We can choose to vote for love or vote for hate depending on how we act. We can choose to vote for peace or vote for war depending on how we treat others and ourselves. We vote all the time without knowing it. Our decisions are informal indications of whom or what we support but they have a strong impact on how our days go. If we choose to vote for hate for the day, we will have a day filled with animosity, disrespect and violence in our words and actions. It is not always a conscious decision but it is a vote we cast on the inside that has repercussions on the outside. Love, hate, jealousy, envy, kindness and other feelings are candidates that try to get our attention all the time. If we give them an audience, they speak to our minds until we vote for them and embrace them. Be aware of the power of the chatter in your mind. That small talk can turn into a big speech that can convince you to make wrong decisions. Be informed and vote for the fruit of the Spirit. Be informed, read your Bible, pray and meditate on the Word so you can always make great informed decisions in life. Let love have your vote.

As a believer when you vote for love in your heart, all you want to do is walk in love
.  All you want to do is follow Jesus because He is love. If only we could all put love on our ballots, peace would be more prevalent in the world. Love is patient. Love doesn’t envy. Love listens. Love covers all sins. Love leads to repentance. Love thinks of others first. Love is peaceful. Love is joyful. Love is kind. Love is accepting. Love is generous. Love is faithful. Love has all the perfect traits that are needed to rule with majesty. Love is compassionate. Love is affectionate. Love is passionate. Love isn’t pushy. Love is not restrictive. Love is protective. When anger tries to get the best of me, I pray for love to get ahold of me. My prayer today is that you always keep in mind that you have the choice to side with love all the time. Keep it in mind and put love in motion as much as you can. It’s people like you and me that can make a difference in this world with love as our first choice. Vote for love each and every day!

Suggested reading: 1 Peter 4:8; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 Corinthians 16:14

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