The faith that gives you wings

When Jesus was on the earth, He healed a lot of people. He performed so many miracles that the Bible says there wouldn’t be enough room in the world to contain all the accounts of His wonders. He didn’t turn anyone down but not everyone got healed. It was always a question of faith. He often said, “Your faith has healed you.” In His own town He couldn’t perform many miracles because of the lack of faith He encountered there. Now when people went to Jesus, they had one thing in mind; they wanted to be healed from whatever ailment they were suffering from. Jesus gave them more than they had anticipated. He not only healed them but He also gave them a new life, a new joy, a new love for life.

If a man came to Him and told Him he was crippled and he wanted to walk, Jesus knew He could heal him and so something even bigger. It was as if the man wanted to walk and Jesus told him “You want to walk? I can do you one better. How about I give you wings so you can fly.” He didn’t literally say those words but they are a metaphor for what He did for the man. Not only did He make it possible for the man to walk, He gave the man a new life which made him feel like he could fly. Do you ever get good news that makes you feel like you are floating? Do you ever get so excited that you feel like you could fly? Jesus can give you wings today. You might ask Him to help you walk because fear has crippled you but He will do even better. He will give you wings so you can fly above whatever is bothering you.

Problems can be so debilitating that they make you feel like you can’t take one more step forward. They make you feel so tired and so run down that you couldn’t run a mile even if you wanted to. Every time I pray to the Lord, I bow my head and ask Him to make me walk and push me forward. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the Lord and He has given me wings. He’s given me the ability to conquer my fears and to make it through all the trials and tribulations. I don’t just walk through the fire, I fly over the fire. That’s what the Lord does and that’s what He will do for you. He will give you the strength to go above the difficulties. He will get you up and make you stand while facing problems and then you will realize that the problems have nothing on you. You will know that God can take you to a new level of peace and victory. The wings of freedom will become the new normal in your life.

“Faith is what heals us” Jesus said. Faith in Him is what brings change. Faith can give us wings. The wings you need today lie in your faith in the Lord. Go to Jesus with your brokenness. Go to Him with your problems. Go to Him with your pain. He will turn you into the eagle that soars so high that nothing can touch him. You will jump higher than ever before. When you get weary on your Christian walk, don’t look at what your legs can’t do anymore. Look at what the wings of faith of the Lord can do for you. There is no difficulty that the Lord can’t help you defeat. There is no difficulty that you won’t be able to fly over when you walk with the Lord. Trust in the Lord who will give you wings! Your faith will get you the wings the Lord has for you and in your heart, you will hear, “Your faith has healed you!”

Suggested reading: Mark 5:34; Luke 17:19; John 21:25

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