God’s free refills

Do you ever feel spiritually flat? Do you ever feel like you ran out of energy? Do you feel like you need a spiritual boost from time to time? I know I used to feel that way all the time. I had a hard time keeping my cup full, the cup that overflew with God’s goodness. I kept getting holes in my cup and I couldn’t figure out how to get a quick refill. God has free refills that can get us back on track in no time. We need His refills. We need to have a system in place that will get us back to the overflowing cup. The holes will happen but it doesn’t mean that we should be living with holes that deplete us of spiritual enthusiasm and energy. Even Jesus had to recharge His batteries so to speak. He would isolate Himself and stay away from the crowds and pray. He slept. He took the time to refill His energy so that He could share His energy, His love with the world. He was very much aware of how our spirits can get weary when our bodies are tired and not well-taken care of. Today I want to encourage you get God’s free refills. I want to invite you to have a system in place that will keep you full or that will help you deal with the holes life creates in your cup.



How did Jesus get refilled? How did He maintain spiritual energy? Jesus took time away from the crowds like I mentioned earlier. This is the number one energy preserver if you will, in my life. I need my isolated time away from people and it works wonders. People’s energies can be draining so I find a way to just be with the Lord. He is the One who gave me my cup to begin with so He knows how to refill it and how to take care of it. I focus on Him. In my isolated times I go to the Lord. I seek His face. I am surrounded by hundreds of kids and adults every day and I need the time to disconnect and regroup. When we are constantly dealing with people it’s easy to find that we lose the Lord’s face. His face gets drowned in the crowds and finding it again can be challenging until we get back to His stillness and peace. Jesus is found in peace. He doesn’t hang out in the chaos of life. His presence is the opposite of the chaos. Find His presence again by spending time in communion with Him.



Communion is one of my favorite words. It describes the sharing or the exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings. It’s the concept of getting into an intimate time with the Lord that brings a refill and a new boost. It’s allowing Him to share His thoughts that gives us the rejuvenation of our energies. Jesus said, “Come to Me all you that are weary.” He gave us this command because He knows that when we get weary, we can find what we need in Him. He has all it takes to provide the refill that will last. He can patch up all the holes in our cups. All we need to do is go Him in prayer or meditation and put the world aside for some time. Sleeping enough is another tool we should use to find that flame again. Sleeping and giving our bodies a chance to rest is imitating what Jesus did and there is no one better to imitate than Him. I love my refill times. I have them every day. I have cultivated a habit of having time with Jesus. I seek His face until I flow with Him easily again. He loves you, friend and He doesn’t want to see you leaking energy and not being able to restore it. Ask Him for a refill. Give Him the time to replenish you. He has free refills that will last and that will bless you greatly!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; Matthew 11:28-30; John 7:37

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