10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 41)

Sometimes the best thing to do is to let it go. Let it go and give it to God. Some battles are not worth fighting and remember that all battles belong to the Lord. He is in charge of all the warfare in your life. Let Him go to battle for you!

The taste of God’s success should be in our mouths every day. It should be so overwhelming that all we should speak about is God’s success in our lives.

Humility is God’s favorite stand for our lives. We ought to stand in humility all the time. Pride is the enemy’s favorite stand. If he can get you to stand in pride, he will make you fall in no time.

If love is the strongest force in the universe, why is hate so prevalent? If love never fails, why is hate winning so many battles? If love is patient and kind why do we lose our temper so easily? It is because love has become an underground movement that needs to come up to the surface in order to change the world. Be part of the movement!

There is a miracle in your life today. There will be a miracle in your life today. Pray that you can discern every day’s miracles. They are closer than you think. They are bigger than you think.

The fruit of the Spirit will give you all the vitamins your spiritual body needs. Eat of the fruit all the time by letting it grow all the time.

God can still turn our water into wine. He can still turn our something simple into something better. Let’s be sure that we don’t turn our water into “whine” and complain about what the Lord has done. Our water might not be the wine we wanted but our whining about it will stop the flow of the new wine to come!

Believing beyond what our minds can see is great practice. Faith sees beyond what the mind can see. Faith is not a body function. It’s a spirit function that surpasses the body. Faith is an activity natural to our spirits. Your spirit is craving the expression of that function. Put your body under and let your spirit rise up in faith!

We often get stuck on the same channel and we watch the same shows over and over again. If our channel doesn’t have God as a daily feature, it’s time to grab the remote and get on God’s channel. His shows are good for the soul, they refresh our spirits and they heal our bodies!

If we watch what we say and we say what we watch, we can change our lives around. Let’s be sure that we watch what God has to say and our words will be examples for others to say.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 15:1; Proverbs 18:4; James 1:26

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