You can hear God’s voice

Is it possible to hear God’s voice? Is it possible to hear what He has to tell us? It is definitely possible and it should be one of our daily goals. We should wonder every day what God has to say to us. I see it as a necessity that parallels our need for air and oxygen. His voice brings life. His voice gives us the air we need to breathe daily. His voice is our daily bread that gives us all the food for thought and the food for growth that we need. What are some of the things the Lord tells us repeatedly? To hear Him we need to turn down the volume of the world. We need to mute all the voices that are trying to distract us. What God is saying over and over again cannot always be found in the world’s voices. The world rarely echoes God’s voice. I want to encourage you today to heed God’s voice, to find the best ways to hear Him and to lock the distracting voices in a box by giving God’s voice an audience.

It is possible to tune someone out by paying more attention to someone else or something else. When we are trying to hear God’s voice, we need to apply the tuning out process. The mute function does work but there are a few steps to get it to operate effectively. A few days ago, I mentioned the importance of isolating ourselves from people. If we want to hear from God, we are going to have to take a break from people. That mute button will work if we turn away from the noise purposefully. We can’t be passive here. Isolation is the first step. Finding a quiet place is paramount. Once we are there, we are a step closer to muting the world. Thoughts will bombard us. The enemy will do whatever it takes to bring up thoughts and ideas that are meant to derail us. Once again, we have to be active for this to work. We ought to distract the distraction so to speak. How do we do that? By putting ideas and thoughts into our minds. I find that saying something helps eliminates the noise of all the little “nothings” that the opposition sends my way. I distract the distraction by thanking God for anything and everything. Praise and thanksgiving can assist us in neutralizing the distractions.

God has so much to say to us and it takes a mustard seed of faith, a willing heart, muting of the world and a surrendered spirit to hear from Him. Trust that you can indeed hear His voice. Don’t expect lightning and thunder. Don’t look for the loud audible voice that shakes you to the core. It can be heard but is surely isn’t the norm. Look for the quiet impressions on the inside. Look for scriptures and verses that come to mind. Look for words of love, comforting phrases and expressions of hope. God is the most positive Person there is and the way He will always talk to you is by reassuring you, by showing His love and by giving you hope. His voice is also a light of hope amid voices of darkness. Now in order for verses to come to mind, it is recommended to spend time in God’s Word regularly. The Holy Spirit will remind you of the verses you need. Keep in mind that God will always talk to in the way that works for you. He uses the language you can understand but you need to prick up your ears because His voice is in many things around you. Ask God to reveal how He best addresses you. You can hear His voice. Isolate yourself, distract the distraction, praise, thank, believe, be open, read the Word, learn His language for you and your spiritual ears will be buzzing in no time!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; John 10:27; Romans 10:17

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