There are no waters too deep for God

I remember how hard it was when I first tried to walk in water as a kid when the water was up to my waist. I remember how hard it was for me to learn how to swim as a kid. I thought it would be impossible to swim without a buoy. I remember how it felt when I could finally swim on my own without any assistance. I love the fact that once you know how to swim you never forget. It comes back naturally even if you don’t swim for a very long time. As an adult now, I find myself knee-deep in the waters of chaos very often. At times the water is up to my head and walking through it would be impossible so I need to resort to swimming so I can make it to shore.


Every day presents a different level of water in my life. Some days are easy to walk through and other days are like troubled waters that require an act of God for me to be able to reach safer grounds. I do have to say that the Lord has taught me how to swim in various waters. I am still learning how to make it in unprecedented waters that rock my life more than I wish. The Holy Spirit is my coach and my instructor who shows me new techniques so I can not only stay afloat but I can also swim in peace and reach my destination without fear. Today I am here to let you know that you can also stay afloat throughout the day and you can make it through the worst waters of life. God will give you a buoy, a hand or a miracle. There are no waters too deep or too rocky for the Lord!


Learning how to swim was quite a process for me. I had to understand that it was possible for me to acquire a technique that would make me move independently from any assistance. I needed to gain knowledge about how to do it. In our Christian walk we also need to gain an understanding of how we are going to make it in life. We need to build ourselves up with the Word of God so we understand how faith operates, how much God loves us, the meaning of the Cross, the power of the Blood and the fruit of the Spirit among other things.


Being able to incorporate those elements into our lives is crucial. It is the knowledge and the understanding of those elements that will get us moving. Faith is the technique we should put into practice so we can swim in life. Faith with love will make us swim faster than any sharks the enemy sends our way. Faith and the assurance that God will make it all work out for our good is a strong swimming technique. It allows us to swim on our own with the confidence that God is enabling us to move across the waters and that we are safe no matter how bad our situations look.


I believe it is totally fine if we need to have a buoy from time to time or even many times. A buoy can be a friend, a message, a sermon, a verse or a song of praise. There are many forms of assistance that the Lord will provide when we are too weak to swim on our own. Remember that the Lord who can walk on any waters, knows best and He has an array of buoys He can put at your disposal. You should also keep in mind that once you know how to swim, you will always know how to swim.


Don’t let the enemy intimidate you and make you think you are going to drown. God made it possible for you in the past and He will make it possible for you again. You have been in those deep waters before and He got you through them. He will do it again! He will do it even better than last time when you keep your eyes on Him and you take your eyes of the waters and the sharks. There are no waters too deep or too rocky for our God. Keep swimming. Enjoy the swim and praise Him for the shores ahead!

Suggested reading: Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-56; John 6:16-24

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