Singing the song of your life

Music is a bit part of my life. I love it! My days are filled with the beat of songs that glorify the Lord. Music was always meant to exalt God and to celebrate Him. It is such a powerful form of expression and we can choose to use it to lift up God or to magnify things or people that are not of God. Music can be a positive outlet or a negative pipeline. I do see it as a pipeline that conveys emotions and feelings and that can dictate our moods. I used to listen to music that would bring me down and I had no idea why I was so blue. It’s the power of music. A power that can’t be denied. Music presents and represents. It presents a picture that depicts joy or sadness. It represents what we love and what defines us at times. Have you ever wondered what song best represents you, your life? Would it be a sad song? A fight song? A survival song? An uplifting song or a demoralizing song? Your life is a song that has many different refrains and choruses or it can have the same patterns and the same lyrics repeatedly. The song of your life should be a song of encouragement. It should be a song of hope and a song of love. If your life is out of tune today, ask the Lord to give you the sounds and melodies that will give your life the harmony it needs.

As I drive to work every day, I listen to Christian music. It puts me in such a great mood. It sets the tone for the day and it makes me want to dance all the time. I want to grab someone whose face shows sadness and fear and let them know that it will be ok. I want to change their music and add some good beats to it and remove the strings of worry that make their lives sound like an orchestral mess. You see, the Lord meant for our lives to be abundant. His plan for us is to enjoy an abundance of Him, an abundance of His love, of His blessings and of His character. Our lives should reflect His presence. We should be living testimonies of His impact on our existence. People around us should be able to hear the song of hope that emanates from our spirits. That song is appealing and inviting. However, we tend to let the lyrics of our lives be words of despair, whining and complaining. We misread the music and we play the wrong songs. People need your song of joy today. People need the tempo of love and comfort that is playing in your heart. Share the music. Share the peace. Share the love. Share the joy. Share the Lord. There is a powerful song inside of you that is waiting to burst and come out. It’s a song that your world needs to hear today.

I want to encourage you to define the song of your life. What are the lyrics saying about you? What is your song glorifying? Who is the main character in the song of your life? How many verses of your song are dedicated to the Lord? How much of the music is a fruit of the Spirit? Do you let God write your song or do you reserve all the copyright to yourself? Sing the song the Lord designed for you. Sing the song that defines God’s plan for your life. Sing a song that rhymes with the promises of the Lord. Sing a song that will build you up because it lifts Him up. Your life is a beautiful song that you might need to discover. The sad song has to go. Fine tune your song with the help of the Holy Spirit. Play the song of your life every day so the world can hear what the Lord is doing in your life. God has many amazing songs coming your way that will reshape the way you see yourself. There is much more coming. Stay tuned!

Suggested reading: Psalm 95:1; Ephesians 5:19; Hebrews 2:12



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