Hanging out with the Holy Spirit

The holiday season is upon us and I can’t stop thinking about the amazing present the Lord has given us. The Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus that will remain one of the biggest blessings forever. I understand that He is not always taken into account in our Christian walks. We are good at focusing on God and on Jesus but the Holy Spirit gets a backseat way too often. He is the One Jesus gave us for a good reason. He is not only our counselor and our guide but He also points to Jesus all the time. He is the “Jesus magnifier” as I like to call Him. You can’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit without being directed and redirected to Jesus. You can’t have a solid relationship with Jesus without involving the Holy Spirit in your life. The Holy Spirit is represented by tongues of fire in the Bible. He is fire. He is burning with joy and enthusiasm for Jesus. He is not a cold God with no life. When you visit some churches, you can think that there is a perpetual funeral going on. Yes, Jesus died but He rose again. We shouldn’t exalt His death. It is done and it was cancelled. We should be celebrating His life and His Spirit can assist us with this ongoing celebration.


Is it possible to spend time with the Holy Spirit? Can we hang out with Him? We absolutely can and we already do if we are believers in Jesus. We might not be aware of the access we have to His Spirit but He is living in us. He is a fire that shouldn’t be put down or stifled. It is easy to suppress the Holy Spirit by our actions, our thoughts and our words. He needs to be put to the forefront by being acknowledged in all we do. The Spirit of Jesus is with us all the time. We are hanging out with Him and we ought to keep that in mind all day. He doesn’t come and go. He doesn’t appear and disappear. We are His temple and it is up to use to magnify Him or to belittle Him. It is possible to grieve Him. When that happens, it feels as if He has left the building but He is there. I want to encourage you to keep your focus on Jesus and spend time enjoying His presence through a devoted relationship with His Spirit.


How do you make a fire bigger? You add wood, tinder or kindling that catch fire easily. The same goes for the Spirit of the Lord. In order to see Him rise up we need to fan the flames and add wood to His fire. How do we do that? Prayer is key. Talking to the Lord through prayer is a necessity. The Bible specifies that when we pray, the Spirit of God helps us. Therefore, praying gives the Spirit a way of expressing Himself through us. It allows Him to participate in our spiritual lives and what can be better than having a continued interaction with the Holy Ghost? I want to give Him a voice. I want to let Him take over and show up through me.


I learned a while ago that praise and worship sessions kickstart the process of embracing the Spirit of the Lord. The more you do it, the faster you will catch the fire so to speak. By God’s grace, I get wrapped in His presence in a matter of minutes when I am in praise mode. It is like a switch that gets turned on every time I exalt Jesus. The fire of the Holy Spirit is powerful and it is all consuming. It consumes fear. It consumes sadness. It consumes doubt and it consumes all forms of negativity. We need that fire. We need that fire badly every day. We need to be consumed with the love of the Lord more than ever. That powerful love will cause us to burn hatred and discrimination among other things. Pray to be burning all the time with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Know that you are always hanging out with Him and let Him lift up Jesus in you. Keep burning for the Lord!

Suggested reading: Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:1-13


Picture: https://www.superiorwallpapers.com/valentines-day/heart-on-fire-beautiful-hd-valentines-day-wallpaper

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