Your storm is temporary

Our first snow was predicted to come yesterday afternoon around 4 pm. I decided to cancel my tutoring session but the parents of the kid I was going to tutor said that the weather should be fine so I went with that. After tutoring, I found my car covered in snow and I could tell the roads were already bad. It took me almost 2 hours and 30 minutes to get home instead of 15 minutes. The roads were dangerous and the snow didn’t let out the whole way home. I got caught in the snow storm and it was unsettling. It made me think of the snow storms of life that debilitate us and that keep us stuck in one place for a while. Winter came early this year. The snow came early. Just like that snow that came early, life can dump bad weather on us earlier than expected or at any time. God sometimes allows those storms to come and we need to know how to act, what to think and what to say.



My first thought was that even though the snow was coming down hard I would still be able to make it home quickly. When bad things happen, your “faith reaction” is to think that it won’t last. We think that there is no way those things won’t change quickly and then when they take time to improve, we are at a loss and we don’t know what to believe anymore. At least that’s my experience. The car ride was long and I felt it but the Lord had something for me to experience and I asked Him to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss anything on the way.



When we are in a raging storm, it’s easy for us to focus on the storm and dwell on the negative. There could be ten or twenty great things happening while we are in the storm but the snow has a way of blinding us and blocking our vision by preventing us from seeing what God is doing around us. As I was stuck in my car for a while, I started to notice the beauty of the snow on the road, on the houses and in the yards. I then realized that I was seeing what some consider a perfect Christmas scenery with snow being a blanket of pure beauty all over the place. God got my attention. He made me slow down and appreciate some of the simple things in life. I needed that storm!



Once my mind was on the beauty during the storm, I was able to have more of a grateful attitude. You probably know how hard it is to be grateful when you are going through a storm. You wonder, “Why should I be thankful when everything is going wrong?” It is the opposite of what our flesh wants but our spirit still wants to thank and praise the Lord when difficulties are surrounding us. Our flesh takes over and blocks our spirit’s desire but it is there. If you are in a storm today, pray for patience. Pray for thankfulness. Pray that you can let your spirit express gratitude again because it is pleasing to God and it will give you the boost you need to make it through the storm.



I also was reminded that the storm wouldn’t last forever. It might feel like it would never end but it truly is temporary. With the Lord on your side, there is always help in sight. Friend, your snow storm might be bad right now but it won’t last. Ask the Lord to guide you through it. Enjoy the good that is still happening in your life even if it’s tiny. Magnify the positive and you will squash the negative. Your snow storm is temporary! God will make your storm be still in His perfect timing.

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 107:29; Matthew 8:23-27



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