God’s cancellation policy

Do you ever feel very disappointed when something you were looking forward to gets canceled? A party, a gathering, a sports game, a dinner, a trip. When those events get canceled or pushed back it’s easy to get depressed and disappointment can take a toll on our spirit. God is the master of cancellations. Yes, friend, He is! He is an expert at cancelling the negative. When Jesus died and rose again, He canceled the plans of the enemy. It was the biggest cancellation plan that the world will ever see. It is the type of cancellation that brings joy and peace and no disappointment. As this new week begins, I want to encourage you to name all the cancellations God has performed in your life and all the ones you will experience by His grace. Your cancellations need to come to life. You need to be aware of what Jesus canceled for you so you can see it all come to pass.

God’s cancellation policy is permanent. We need to get familiar with His policy and trust and believe that it applies to our lives. The salvation package contains the amazing benefit of death being canceled. As we accept Jesus into our lives, we gain a new life. We gain eternal life. Jesus canceled death and salvation guarantees that this cancellation belongs to us. It’s a good reason to celebrate. We don’t have to live with the weight of spiritual death and burdens from a life without the Lord. Friend, death was canceled for good and your accepting the Lord made this reality a permanent fixture in your life.

Death is the biggest cancellation with sins. The Lord’s atonement did away with our sins. We are made whiter than the snow by Jesus’ blood and our sins were forgiven. It doesn’t mean that we have a license to sin but it means that repentance gives us easy access to His forgiveness now that He is our Lord. Every time you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, the cancellation policy goes into effect. The enemy will try to make you think that your sins are canceling your salvation but trust in God’s plan. Read the fine print in His Word. This cancellation is always available if you believe.

Now you have the authority in Jesus’s name to command cancellations in your life. All the plans of the enemy for your life were canceled by the Lord but through faith you need to let this truth be a part of your daily life. You can rebuke the enemy. You can rebuke fear, sickness, lack, failure, bankruptcies, financial bankruptcy and bankruptcy of the heart as I like to call it. Your words have power and you should use them to see cancellations take place in your life. It is ok to cancel the enemy’s plans when you pray in the morning. Charge up your day with cancellations during morning prayer. You might experience setbacks and difficulties but stand your ground and declare cancellations in Jesus’ name. It’s time you took charge of your life by letting Jesus be fully in charge of your life. He did a perfect job on the cross and now you can live out the fruit of His perfect sacrifice. When life hits you with a cancellation of good events, hit the cancel button in prayer. God will restore what the enemy is trying to steal and He will cancel the enemy’s nonsense for you! Trust in God’s cancellation policy!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 9:12;1 Peter 2:24; 1 John 2:2


Picture: https://stillpresence.net/purple-dusk/

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