God made you a promise

God made you a promise. He made you a promise that He would keep His promises. If you stay in faith, He will show your that He remains faithful. Staying in faith is the challenge but it pays off all the time. Staying in faith means believing when all the signs are pointing in the wrong direction. Staying in faith means holding on to our positive confessions even when our minds want to scream a negative rhetoric. Staying in faith means praising the Lord even when life gives us reasons to doubt Him and reject Him. God made you the promise that nothing is impossible to Him. He made you the promise that your staying in faith is not in vain. He made the promise that you will get through the worst times at the right time, at His right time. God made you the promise that Jesus conquered anything bad that will ever come your way and that if you stay faithful, He will demonstrate how His love conquered death for you. Remind Him of His promise for you. Hold it up to Him every day. Show Him that you take Him at His Word. He doesn’t break His promises.

When someone makes you a promise, there are a few factors that could prevent the promise from being fulfilled. Sometimes it is out of the person’s control. When God makes you a promise, there is nothing that will stop it from coming to life except for doubt. Doubt is a poison we drink so quickly because it is so easy to absorb without a fight. One thought comes. One wrong word is heard and doubt finds a cozy spot in our hearts. The enemy wouldn’t be working so hard to make doubt be so powerful if it weren’t that detrimental to our spiritual lives. He knows that doubt separates us from God and from His promises so he plans ways to inject doubt into as many people as he can and how often as he can. Strive to eradicate doubt in your life. Strive to feed your faith and strive to starve your doubts like they say. Surrounding your spiritual ears with sounds of faith will do wonders for your spiritual life.

God loves to bless us and shower us with love. He promises to keep us in the palm of His hand and cover us with His favor all the time. He promises that goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives. When you strengthen your faith in that promise, you see it happen in your life more and more. Your faith muscles create blessed circumstances that highlight God’s faithfulness. If your faith is getting weaker, get back into the gym of the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit be your coach again. Let Him spot you and encourage you. Getting back into the training room can occur with a simple prayer and a cry for help. God loves it when you turn to Him and rely on Him. He will get you back in spiritual shape. Experiencing His promises takes faith so guarding your faith is crucial. God made you a promise and He is faithful. Trust the promise that He will keep His promises!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6; Psalm 27:4; 2 Corinthians 5:1


Picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bGupvdgHy4

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