Share a meal with anyone

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I wish it took place more than once a year. I do have my own private little Thanksgiving party every day when I spend time thanking the Lord for anything I can think of. Just like the November tradition, I set time aside to voice how grateful I am at what I call the table of the Holy Spirit. As I am kneeling before God, I find myself in the presence of the Lord who is ready to let me feast on the goodness He puts in front of me. Every day my table is all set, my plate is full and my cup overflows. The Lord’s provision is always there and I am thankful for what He pours into my life. The symbolism of a meal is a powerful one in the Bible. Jesus shared a meal with many people. The guests at His table were not your typical guests. He had dinner with strangers. He let anyone come to Him. He shared meals with the rejects of society. There is a beautiful lesson that can be learned from how Jesus treated others and how He loved sharing meals with anyone.

Many of us in the USA are going to be sharing a meal with our loved ones today. Let’s not forget those who have nowhere to go and no one to celebrate with. Jesus is with them too. Jesus loves them too. If we can’t let everyone into our homes all the time, we can at least let them into our prayers and into our thoughts. Today I am encouraging you to share a meal with strangers. Not necessarily in a physical way but at least in a spiritual way. Let strangers be on your prayer list. Ask the Lord to send people to your spiritual table so you can share Him with them. Let Him show you the seats where everyone should sit at the table. Let Him open your heart so you will be willing to set a seat aside for someone. It doesn’t have to be a stranger. It can be someone you don’t enjoy too much or someone you barely know. People need your prayers.  People need your love. People need the food you have to share. Feed the world around you with God’s love. Feed the world around you with God’s goodness. Pull a chair and let someone new sit next to you.

I am grateful to the Lord that anyone is welcome to His table. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who is leading us to welcome anyone and everyone. My prayer is that my heart expands and I can be a better host of the people God puts in my life. I want to share the delicacies the Lord has put on my plate. There is so much we can share with others. Sharing Jesus is where it should start. It doesn’t mean preaching a five-part sermon. It means demonstrating His love and making Him known by mirroring His ways. Share a meal today and every day. Your prayers make a difference. Your love changes the world of those who need to see a difference! Break bread with someone who is starving for love today. Share a meal with someone!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 1:19; John 4:34; John 6:35



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