Stay full every day

Yesterday I was pretty full after my Thanksgiving meal. I had two plates of some of my favorite dishes and I was very satisfied. I didn’t overeat but I had more food than I usually do in one setting. I wanted to be full so that I wouldn’t need to eat later. We call it Thanksgiving dinner but most of us eat it in the middle of the afternoon. Because of the richness of the food, I remained full for the rest of the day. I didn’t reach the point where I couldn’t move anymore but I got to that sweet feeling of satisfaction that keeps me content for a while. Then I thought about how great I feel when I am full of the Lord. I can keep going for a long period of time when I am filled with His presence. After two plates of His goodness I am good to go for a while. All that manna from Heaven is enough for me to burn spiritual calories for some time. Today I want to encourage you to stay full for a while. Stay full of the Word of God. Stay full of His goodness and His presence. Fill up your spirit to the brim so you have enough of Him to face the day. Don’t wait until your hot Sunday meal. Stay full all week long!

There are a few food items that keep me full for a while and there are some that make feel like I am crashing after an hour or so. I try to eat more of the foods that sustain me. Oatmeal, proteins and some fruits and vegetables do that for me. In my spiritual life I try to have more of the spiritual oatmeal, proteins, fruits and vegetables. Prayer is the spiritual oatmeal that gives me some great energy. I have it throughout the day. I don’t mind what time of day it is, prayer is my fuel and I have it as much as I can. I can’t talk about the benefits of prayer enough. It will keep you in great spiritual shape. It will give you the power to keep going. It will help you tap into the mind of the Lord. It will give you wisdom beyond your years. Prayer helps you grow spiritually and it needs to be a daily indulgence.

The fruit of the Spirit is what I also have every day. I am getting better at having the right amount of fruit every day but I can always do better. The fruit of kindness is a delicious fruit that is not always easy to eat. Our flesh can turn its taste into bitterness when in reality it is a very sweet fruit. The fruits of patience, love, joy, peace and long suffering make the perfect fruit cocktail that will always keep us in line with the Lord. We will always be in sync with Him if we have that concoction all the time. I also recommend having a big amount of spiritual vegetables. The ones that are good for us but that we don’t always like to eat. Those are praise, worship and thanksgiving. Our bodies will fight them and will try to keep us from having them daily but we need to press through and have those veggies every day. If you are looking to grow spiritually, stay full of those spiritual vegetables. Don’t gorge on the sugary stuff that tastes great at first but then leaves you empty and hungry for more. Take the time to have praise, worship and thanksgiving on your plate. They will keep you satisfied and you will be full of so much of the Lord that you will never want to eat anything else. Stay full today and every day. Let God serve you the spiritual food that will bless you each and every day!

Suggested reading: Colossians 3:12-17; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 13


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