10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 43)

My life without Jesus is not a life I enjoyed living so I put Jesus in every corner of my life. He is the cornerstone of my life today and I am not going back to my old foundations.

God will tuck you in with a smile and wake up you with an embrace. That’s what happens when you pray before bed and you wake up with a prayer in your heart.

Don’t let people talk you out of your purpose in life. God designed it for you. No one should rewrite it for you.

Challenge your challenges with God’s promises. Challenge your challenges with God’s faithful. Challenge your challenges with “Jesus in you, the hope of glory!”

God’s voice is not always the loudest but it doesn’t mean He is not talking to you!

A worrier goes to battle against faith. A worrier is equipped with an arsenal that will bring him/her down. A worrier finds comfort in pain and doubt. A worrier is deprived from peace and joy. A worrier is not whom the Lord designed you to be. Pray to become a warrior that goes to battle against worry.

Let’s not identify with whom we were before Christ. He gave us a new identity that we should adopt. Let’s leave behind what the cross conquered. Let’s leave behind death and perdition. A new life and salvation are part of who we are now!

The Lord doesn’t want you to lose that smile. He wants you to keep wearing that crown and get rid of the frown!

Holy days are every day. There are the days when we should be aware of the Holy of Holies. You spend every day with the Holy One. Enjoy your holy days!

The Lord is here for you. He is always by your side smiling and loving you. Smile back with your actions, your thoughts and your words.

Suggested: Joshua 1:9; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5

Picture: sfwallpaper.com

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