A very powerful way to worship

I was talking to a friend about worship the other day. I was telling her how my spiritual life got a major boost when I started worshiping the Lord on the regular. Worship with music is great and powerful. However, I experienced and still do, a bigger transformation when I gave in to a life of worship. Worshiping with my life is what changes the spiritual atmosphere in my life. It brings the manifest presence of the Lord that I had been longing for. You can see that in the Bible worship is not always done through music and singing. When we let our lives sing worship to the Lord, we are staying in His will. You don’t need to have the best singing voice to sing praises and worship to God. Your life is a voice that can sing the songs that will lift up the Lord and exalt Him. You can worship through your actions, your thoughts and your words without any music involved. I recommend living a life of worship to God. It takes work and discipline but you won’t be disappointed and you will develop a very healthy spiritual lifestyle.

Our thoughts are constantly in a battle. The positive thoughts and the negative thoughts are at war and it is up to us who wins the fight. Thoughts that are positive and in line with God’s Word are the ones we should entertain the most. Being mindful of what we think of is crucial. “How much weight do the positive thoughts have in our heads?” is a very important question to ponder. If we want to worship the Lord with our thoughts, we need to actively keep them pure and noble as the Bible says. This requires continuous rejection of negative thoughts no matter what they look like. If whatever you are thinking about is not for God, not siding with God, not representing His love, not agreeing with His Word and not sounding like the Lord, toss it. Get the wastebasket and toss the negativity. Get it out of your head. Don’t dwell on it and don’t accept it. Worshiping God with your thoughts is a powerful way to worship.

What we say matters to God. Not only what we say in our heads but what we vocalize as well. Our words carry the power to worship the Lord or the power to magnify the world or the enemy. We are not called to speak in the King James Version Bible language. If you do, more power to you but we are expected to speak a language that reflects what God is all about. He is love and He is all about love. If our words don’t echo His love, we ought to change our vocabulary. Our sentences and phrases need to underline the love of God within us. Keeping our words pure is important. We are God’s spokespeople and we can worship Him with everything we say. Let’s not misrepresent the Lord by putting the wrong words in His mouth so to speak. Would God say what we say? Love, kindness and positivity in our words shine God’s light and they are a beautiful way to worship Him.

They say that actions speak louder than words. Our faith and love actions should speak louder than our words. What we do should be a manifestation of the One who is inside of us. Let’s be intentional in everything we do. Let’s our intentions be pure and our actions be a celebration of that purity. God enables us to do so much. He has put a lot at our disposal and our movements are in Him. His Spirit in us gives us life and leads us in all we do if we listen and pay attention. What you are doing today can be a great testimony to the Lord. Your actions can be speaking volumes about God and glorifying Him. You are a powerful worshiper, friend. Worship away with your life. Worship in the most powerful way that exists. Let your life be a song of worship to the Lord!

Suggested reading: Psalm 99; John 4:21-24; Romans 12:1-2


Picture: https://www.wallpaperup.com/486829/Coast_Waves_Sunrise_and_sunset_Sky_Sun_Nature_sea_ocean_beach.html

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