When was the last time you counted your blessings?

Every time someone used to tell me to count my blessings, I would always say to myself “Sure. Ok, yes but what about all the problems I am facing now?” I would have this inner debate about how my problems seemed bigger than my blessings and I would feel bad focusing on the wrong things in life but the problems were overwhelming. I then found out that the Lord could overwhelm my problems to such a degree that they would appear to be smaller and then eventually disappear. Jesus has an overpowering presence and He is all-powerful. Nothing can resist Him. There is nothing bigger or stronger than Him. When we focus on Him and His overpowering presence, nothing can stand in our way. Counting our blessings is a good way to focus on how amazing the Lord is. Counting our blessings is a great expression of appreciation and recognition. We recognize what God does in our lives. We appreciate His goodness. I want my blessings to overpower my problems and I can get there by zeroing in on the good things in my life. I want to encourage you to count your blessings this week. I want to encourage you to let the Lord overwhelm your problems with His goodness.


I know some people who actually make lists of their blessings and look at the list every day. I think it is a great idea. I am very visual so that works for me but I also like to visualize the blessings when I pray in the morning. I meditate on the blessings of the Lord in my life. It is such a helpful practice and it lifts my spirit all the time. I count my blessings and I love and appreciate each one of them. My blessings are my relationship with God, my family and my friends and all the spiritual, emotional and physical blessings that I get on a regular basis. I also thank the Lord for my future blessings. According to His Word they are many and I love each one of them already.


Blessings are not always obvious so I think it is good to meditate over them and to ask the Holy Spirit to unveil the ones that we can’t see. That relationship that never materialized, that train that you missed, those friendships that fell apart, all these could be blessings in disguise. There is an array of other blessings that will never be identified so I suggest thanking the Lord for all the unseen blessings. Claim your blessings as well. There are blessings destined for you that are still sitting on shelves in Heaven and they are just waiting to get the green light from you to come down and bless you. If you were to count all your actual blessings, you would be impressed by the large number of them. Your blessings are reminders that the Lord has your back and that He is on your side. Overwhelm your problems with your blessings. When was the last time you counted your blessings?

Suggested reading: Psalm 1; John 1:16; James 1:17


Picture: http://www.beautifulsunsetvet.com/humane-euthanasia/

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