Where are you now?

Do you ever stop and check where you are in life? Do you ever take a minute to see how far you have come or how far you still must go? Do you ever wonder where you are and what your purpose is? I used to wonder that all the time. I used to question my place on the spiritual continuum. Then I learned that I was in God’s hands and that was the best place to be. He holds me in the palm of His hand and I rejoice at the thought that I am at the right place at the right time. Why? Finding myself in God’s care takes care of everything. I could be lost and bewildered but it doesn’t matter because I am in the hands of the Lord. It wasn’t until I read it in the Bible and I developed faith for it that I found comfort in my permanent location. Our environment tries to define us and tell us that we won’t go far or we won’t amount to much. God actually defines our environment by telling us that no matter where we are, we are in His hands and it’s the best place we can. Today I want to encourage you to keep remembering that you are exactly where you should be and God is leading your steps and holding you all the way to your next destination.

Until we understand that we are where we should be, we will always want to be somewhere else. “The grass is greener on the other side” is a motto we will adhere to until we know that God is surrounding us, holding us, guiding us and protecting us in all places. The place where we are today is where God wants us to be until He leads us to another destination. If we constantly want to be somewhere else, we constantly deny God’s plan for our lives. It is complaining about what God is doing for us. You can liken it to being ungrateful and it can hurt us spiritually. Think of it as a child who never likes what his or her parent gives him. A child who doesn’t see the value and the beauty in the moment and in the simple things that make this life with God so great. We need to enjoy where we are in life until it’s time to move to another place.

Celebrate where you are today
. Explore where you are today. You will be surprised at how nice it truly looks. God has you in His hands and it’s a place of peace, joy, love and bliss if you believe and remind yourself that you are in His hands. Tragedy will strike but it won’t remove you from His hands. You will be there no matter what comes your way. When you are on the corner of misery and stress, you are still in God’s hands. The terrible location will make you forget about God’s hands but you are still there. When you visit pain Street and lonely Avenue, you are still in God’s hands. What you need to do is flash your permanent location and mark your territory by proclaiming that God has you in the palm of His hand all the time. Going through a tough time often shakes our minds and we need to shake things back into place by thanking God that He always has us and He keeps us. Where are you today? You are in God’s hands. Remember that!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 49:16; Psalm 139:10; John 10:29


Picture: https://blog.trafalgar.com/2018/02/05/15-beautiful-places-propose-around-world/

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