God doesn’t sleep

Have you ever heard the motivational phrase “Give it to God and go to sleep”? God doesn’t sleep. God never goes to bed. He is always awake. He doesn’t want you and me to worry but He wants us to enjoy sleep and get rejuvenated. Worries will keep us up. Worries will disturb our sleep. The enemy loves using worry to derail us and to trouble us. Worries can become so familiar that we find it odd when we don’t worry. We argue that it is normal and it is human. It is but we have a God who is above normal and above human. We have a God who redefines normal. Normal with God is supernatural to this world. What is normal for the Lord is often seen as out of this world and far out. He is a far-out God who is way beyond our normal and human nature. When God says, “Do not worry, do not fear” He knows what He is talking about. In Him there is no fear and no worry. He understands that worry can cripple us but He also understands that we can live without worry and without fear. Today I want to encourage you to give any kind of fear and worry to God and go to sleep tonight.


Staying up and worrying can easily become a habit
. I have a few colleagues who have told me that they don’t sleep. They do sleep but they sleep with one eye open and they have made coffee their best friend so they can manage during the day but lack of sleep is harmful. It is harmful to our bodies, to our minds and to our spirits. You see, if the enemy can weaken our spirits then he can lower our ability to pray, our ability to withstand him, our ability to praise and even our ability to love. Lack of sleep and abundance of worry lead to frustration and irritation. Try to love and try to walk with God when you are irritated. It’s a real challenge!


When you are ready for bed and the thoughts are racing in your mind, it’s a great time to turn your concerns over to God.
I am a huge fan of prayer before bed. A simple prayer of giving it all to God before bed can do wonders. As you turn off the light in your room, turn on the light of the Lord by surrendering to Him. Tell Him that you need His help. Hand the worry and the mental torment over to Him. Let Him know you can’t do it alone. Listen to Him before bed. You can do that through His Word or through meditative prayer. Let the Lord tuck you in. Let Him ease you into sleep with His encouraging and loving voice. Let God’s voice be the last voice you pay attention to before bed. His voice will quiet the voice of worry throughout the night. His voice will infiltrate your dreams and give you rest.

“Give it to God and go to bed” can become a reality for you. Practice it. Believe in it. Trust God that He is taking care of your situation even as you are sleeping. God doesn’t God to bed. God is always God even at night. Think about it. In the middle of your darkest moment, God is still God, God is awake. He has a solution. He is preparing your breakthrough. He is lining up blessings after blessings. He is touching the hearts of those involved in your difficult circumstances. He is listening to your prayers. He is loving you even when you sleep. Show Him that you have faith in His ability to be God all the time. It might be getting dark. Midnight might be here but so is your God. Surrender to Him and praise Him because the morning is coming and He is going to give you a great sleep until then! Go to bed. God is always awake! He’s got this!

Suggested reading: Psalm 5:11; Psalm 20:12; Thessalonians 3:3

Picture: http://wallpapershdfre.blogspot.com/2013/10/night-sky-hd-wallpapers.html

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