When nothing seems to be working out

There are times when you can be praying your heart out and hoping that things will change and it doesn’t get better. There are times when you find yourself at the end of your rope after you have tried everything. What should you do next? What will make things finally go your way? It is when all seems lost that we should keep going. It’s when nothing has worked that we should keep pushing. There is power in staying in the game even when we have been knocked down. Life can give us concussions but those spiritual and emotions shocks to our systems shouldn’t stop us. They can be traumatic. They can be crippling but there is nothing that the Lord can’t restore. The prayers have to continue. The faith needs to be stirred. The hope should still be an anchor. When things are not getting better, it’s not an indication that they won’t change. Prayers are never in vain. They push against the wall of the opposition until it gives. The Lord tells us to pray at all times and to not get weary. Today I want to encourage you to keep going and not get weary. Find the strength that will allow you to persevere. Your efforts and your dedication to doing what you know best will be rewarded.


I love that with the Lord “there is hope beyond hope.” When hopes runs out, He can fill us up again with more hope. He has an unlimited supply of hope. Human hope can only take us so far but God’s hope gives us the wings we need to get to our destination. If you have run out of hope today, rely on the Lord to provide what you need. Cry out to Him and ask Him to give you an increase. Let your heart ask for more. God has all the hope you need. You don’t have to do all of this on your own. When you are left with nothing it doesn’t mean that there isn’t more available somewhere and that somewhere is found in God.



When you are ringing the bell waiting for God to answer the door, you might have to wait on the doorstep a bit longer than expected but it doesn’t mean that the Lord is not home. See it as His time of preparation. He is not ignoring you. He is preparing the place for you so it is nice and just what you need. He heard the bell before you rang it. He is just letting everything fall into place. You might be feeling like you have been waiting forever but He will bless you so much when the right time comes that you will forget about the wait.



I know how it feels when you have been waiting for an answer for the longest time. I have been there many times and it is not the worst place to be even though it looks like it is. It is a time to develop perseverance and tenacity. It is a time to develop confidence and faith. Things will change. The One who can change the worst situation is going to make it happen. Death couldn’t conquer Him. He can conquer anything. Your answer will come. Your breakthrough will come. Your victory will come. Your blessing is coming. Stay in faith. Stay encouraged. Change is on the way. Keep on believing. Keep on hoping. Keep on trusting. None of it is in vain. Don’t listen to the lies. God will show up and show off! When nothing seems to be working out, remember that with God there is hope beyond hope!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:12; Colossians 1:11-12; James 1:12


Picture: http://gooddeeds.webersupply.com/2017/05/01/good-deed-20-of-150-ray-of-hope-kitchener-on/

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